Opening a bank account in Belize

Opening a bank account in Belize is no longer a mere procedural task; it has evolved into a strategic business move. Our company presents you with the chance to go beyond the routine process of opening a foreign account — it’s an invitation to cultivate financial assurance.

The cost of the service

1 300 EUR*

Term for opening a bank account

1-3 months



Account opening type

Without a personal visit

Opening an account

Benefits of Establishing an Account in Belize

Recognizing that each transaction narrates a unique tale and every client possesses distinct needs, a Belize account transcends the conventional. It is a tailored pathway towards realizing your financial aspirations. Our team of experts is poised to provide not only professional guidance but also innovative solutions, ensuring that your account in this jurisdiction serves not merely as a tool but as a wellspring of newfound opportunities.


Appealing Terms

When you open an account in Belize, you’ll benefit from favorable terms that not only enhance your banking experience but also ensure high efficiency.

Utmost Privacy

We guarantee the strict confidentiality of your data and assets. A Belize account becomes a secure repository for your capital, prioritizing security above all else.

Limitless International Business Opportunities

Opening a bank account in Belize online with a class-A bank provides you the freedom to engage in international business without constraints. We offer your business unparalleled freedom and flexibility in the realm of finance.

Expert Guidance

Our experts not only provide advice but actively participate in the process of opening an account in Belize. We simplify and clarify your path to financial success.

Investment Opportunities

Belize opens doors to markets that are challenging to access from other jurisdictions. Invest in promising sectors with minimal risk and maximum return.

No Exchange Controls

Bid farewell to currency restrictions. A Belize account grants you the freedom to manage your finances without hassles.

Robust Banking System

The stability and reliability of the Belize banking system make opening an account here a savvy choice for those who prioritize financial stability in a foreign banking institution.