Internet acquiring

Internet acquiring opens up great opportunities for your business to make payments to customers from anywhere in the world. If your business is an e-commerce business and you sell goods not only in your country but also to customers from other countries, then connecting to the Internet acquiring becomes an essential necessity.

What is the Internet- acquiring?

Lawtter Solutions can help you connect your business to international Internet acquiring.

We will choose the most profitable system that meets the specifics of your business area, as well as take into account your needs and wishes.



How does international internet acquiring work?


Internet acquiring is a powerful tool that empowers your business to accept payments seamlessly from customers worldwide, leveraging the Internet. It guarantees secure and efficient transactions, while also unlocking access to new markets and customers.


When considering the integration of Internet acquiring, it is crucial to select the right service that aligns with your specific needs and requirements. In this regard, Lawtter Solutions stands as your dependable partner and invaluable assistant.


Lawtter Solutions will assist you in evaluating the following key criteria:


We will facilitate a comprehensive comparison of rates among different services, enabling you to identify the most favorable conditions for your business.


Our team will offer services that seamlessly integrate with your existing system, allowing you to swiftly commence accepting payments.


We will guide you in assessing the speed of payment processing, helping you choose a service that ensures prompt and efficient operations.


Taking into account the characteristics of your target audience, Lawtter Solutions will aid you in selecting a service that accommodates payments from diverse countries.


Lawtter will furnish you with comprehensive information regarding payment security measures, ensuring you choose a service equipped with a robust security system.


We will provide you with detailed insights into the required timeframe for service integration, assisting you in selecting the solution that best fulfills your promptness and efficiency requirements.

How to connect acquiring?

There are two approaches to establishing the international acquiring of foreign currency:


Connecting through a bank: Banks often provide pre-built payment modules for APIs and CMSs, simplifying the integration process. Bank fees can fall into two categories:


    • Floating fees: These fees are based on the turnover of the online store;


    • Fixed fees: These fees remain consistent at a set rate.


This type of connection is particularly suitable for businesses that exclusively accept payments via bank cards.


Connection through a payment system: Payment aggregators offer acquiring connections through their payment systems. In this case, service fees tend to be higher and can vary based on turnover and payment method. Customers have the flexibility to choose from multiple payment methods, including cards, e-wallets, payment via phone balance, and more.


When selecting an acquiring method, it is crucial to consider factors such as fees, available payment methods, customer convenience, and the unique requirements of your business.

Internet acquiring services by region

Lawtter Solutions extends its services for Internet acquiring across the following regions: