Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes the rules and principles under which Lawtter Solutions processes, collects, stores, and uses website visitor data (hereinafter referred to as “you”, “your”). In this way, you can understand how your privacy is protected and what data Lawtter Solutions uses to identify visitors.

Lawtter Solutions exercises control over all user information it receives. All responsibility for the processing of information rests entirely with us. If you still have any questions, you can ask the Lawtter Solutions support team.

Purpose of this Policy

This Policy discloses how Lawtter Solutions stores, uses, transfers, and secures personal information provided by customers and visitors to the Lawtter Solutions website. It also describes your rights with respect to your personal data that Lawtter Solutions receives and processes.

The Policy is designed to help customers and visitors to the site properly manage and make decisions about their personal data that Lawtter Solutions receives and processes. You can use the document to understand how your data may be processed as a result of providing the Services to third parties or if you submit a CV for employment with Lawtter Solutions.

What Lawtter Solutions is and what the company does

Lawtter Solutions is an international law firm that provides services to clients in different countries through its representative offices. Lawtter Solutions offices operate under the laws of the jurisdictions in which they are established. Any reference to a location means the address of its own or an associated representative office, or partner firm or organization.
User information is collected by all legal entities directly connected or associated with Lawtter Solutions. Data is collected and processed in accordance with the rules and requirements of the European Union.

How Lawtter Solutions collects user information

Lawtter Solutions collects customer information through contact forms. If a website visitor fills them out, Lawtter Solutions may retain information about name, email, etc. The company may collect the following types of user data:

  • Personal data (full name, gender, employment information, residential address).
  • Contacts of the site visitor (phone number, email, accounts in social networks, messengers, etc.).
  • Payment information (bank account details).
  • Information about registration at events.
  • Information about candidates who have submitted CVs for employment with Lawtter Solutions.
  • Cookies data.
  • Other user information.

Lawtter Solutions may supplement the data that site visitors provide with other data that has been obtained from other sources. For example, such sources may include employees, customers, or public sources of information.

How does Lawtter Solutions use data?

Lawtter Solutions may use user information for the following purposes:

  • To provide services to customers. For this, information that the client provides to the company voluntarily is used – personal information, contacts, etc.
  • To handle user requests. The provided information is required to contact the person who submitted the request to Lawtter Solutions.
  • To send out promotional information. Lawtter Solutions can send out email marketing messages with offers that may be of interest to customers.
  • To improve the quality of the company’s website. Cookies and device information may be used to better customize and improve the site’s performance in the web and mobile versions.
  • To improve the security of the website and related infrastructure. For this purpose, personal data, contact information, financial information, and Cookies are used. It is aimed at preventing illegal activities and attacks on Lawtter Solutions’ infrastructure.
  • For recruitment purposes, using information from questionnaires and CVs sent by site visitors. The information is collected to screen, analyze, maintain candidate records, and make final decisions.

How is information shared?

Lawtter Solutions reserves the right to share information with the following categories of recipients:

  • Other Lawtter Solutions departments to provide services to the client and manage the data provided.
  • Consultants and partners of Lawtter Solutions within the scope of the required services.
  • Agents who work with individual users.
  • Law enforcement or governmental authorities in the event of a request.
  • Third parties who provide services to Lawtter Solutions as part of an outsourcing arrangement. For example, IT support representatives, persons who provide services for program document maintenance, document storage, and protection, etc.
  • Third parties who provide analytical services to Lawtter Solutions. For example, services such as Google Analytics.
  • Courier services and postal organizations that deliver documents.

This list is not complete. There may be other parties to whom Lawtter Solutions provides user data in order to effectively provide services.

Use of Information for Lawtter Solutions marketing purposes

Lawtter Solutions may send marketing messages to website users and Lawtter Solutions customers. All information is sent to your email account. If you do not wish to receive notifications, there is an option to unsubscribe from marketing emails. To do this, you need to select the Unsubscribe option after receiving a marketing message. You can also opt out of receiving emails by contacting Lawtter Solutions technical support.


Site visitors have the following rights:

  • Obtaining information. A user may request personal data that is stored and processed by Lawtter Solutions. If a site visitor needs additional copies, an additional fee may be charged for this.
  • Correction. If there is an error in the personal data, the site user has the right to request correction of the information or supplement the personal data.
  • Deletion. A site user may request deletion of personal information if they withdraw consent or if we do not need the user information.
  • Management. You may receive your information in a structured, readable format. You may also transfer information to a third party in certain instances.
  • Objection. Site users may refuse to process information for marketing purposes or object to processing if it is required for legitimate interests pursued by Lawtter Solutions or third parties. Your request will be fulfilled if the company cannot identify a legal basis for the processing.
  • Restriction. You may request the restriction of the processing of your personal data. For example, this is possible if there is an error in the user information.
  • Refusal of processing. You have the right to withdraw consent to the processing of user information.

If you want to exercise one of your rights, you must:

  • Contact Lawtter Solutions technical support representatives.
  • Provide information that identifies you as a user.
  • Provide proof of your identity and address.
  • Inform Lawtter Solutions representatives of your request.


If a customer or site visitor has a complaint about the way Lawtter Solutions collects, processes, or uses user information, they have the right to file a complaint. Contact Lawtter Solutions support. The complaint will be reviewed and resolved within 10 working days. If your complaint is unfounded or cannot be resolved, Lawtter Solutions will inform you. If a customer or site visitor is convinced that a complaint has not been addressed properly, they can contact the supervisory authority.

Data security

Lawtter Solutions uses a number of measures to protect user information. Data can only be accessed by authorized employees on a need-to-know basis. Lawtter Solutions uses physical and technical security measures to ensure maximum information security. However, by providing any data on the Internet, you assume security risks and cannot hold Lawtter Solutions liable for any data security breach. The exception is cases related to our failure to fulfill obligations or negligence.

Use of Cookies

The Lawtter Solutions website uses Cookies. This is necessary for a more correct collection of user information. Please review the Cookies Policy to learn more about what they are, how Lawtter Solutions uses them, and how you can manage and delete such files.

Storing user information

Lawtter Solutions retains your information for as long as it is necessary to provide the services and as long as it complies with legal requirements. User data is verified annually. This is to ensure that Lawtter Solutions retains the right to process the information. If there is no such right, the processing of personal data will cease, but the information will be stored in archived form. This is necessary to comply with possible legal circumstances, such as protection if a client or site visitor files a lawsuit. If the information is no longer needed, it is completely deleted.

Notice of changes

Lawtter Solutions will periodically update the Privacy Policy. Lawtter Solutions will make updates if its services and privacy practices change. Clients and site visitors will be informed of all changes by email. However, we recommend that you review the Policy periodically to stay informed of changes.