Cookies Policy

The official website of Lawtter Solutions uses Cookies. This Policy informs you about the use and processing of such files, as well as the choices that are available to site visitors.

Cookies are text files that contain a small amount of data. They can be downloaded to your device if you go to a site. Cookies allow Lawtter Solutions to obtain analytical information about how users use the site and monitor statistics. The information contained in Cookies allows Lawtter Solutions to personalize user settings and make the site more convenient for visitors and clients.

In addition to the Cookies used directly by Lawtter Solutions, such files may also be transferred to third parties. For example, these could be analytical services such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel.

By visiting the Lawtter Solutions website, visitors agree to the use of the following types of Cookies:

  • Essential Cookies. This type of file is needed so that the visitor can fully use the capabilities of the site (for example, navigate through sections or access a secure part of the site).
  • Performance and Analytics Cookies. This type of file is used for analytics tools. These are web analytics services such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and others. These Cookies are necessary to help Lawtter Solutions better understand how users interact with the site. Analytics tools collect analytical data but do not identify the user. Thanks to these files, Lawtter Solutions can learn about trends on the site. Each analytics tool has its own set of cookies. These files contain information about how long the user was on the site, whether they had come earlier, what site, social network, or other service they came from, etc. Lawtter Solutions, as a client of analytical services, has the opportunity to review metrics reports and use the information to improve the quality of the site. We are also required to notify site visitors about the use of relevant software. Site visitors have the right to prevent this type of Cookies from being sent. Also, visitors to the Lawtter Solutions website may use extensions or applications that automatically prevent the sending of these types of cookies.
  • Functionality Cookies. These Cookies are necessary to remember the user’s personal settings on the site. For example, this is the language of the pages or the region in which the site visitor is located. Such files provide personalization of content and are deleted immediately as soon as you complete your session visiting the site.
  • Lawtter Solutions website visitors have the right to disable or block the sending of Cookies on their devices. To do this, you need to select prohibition in the settings menu. However, blocking or restricting Cookies may limit your ability to view site pages or the content posted on them. Also, without Cookies, the ability to use online services that require registration may be limited.

If you have any questions regarding this Cookies Policy, please contact Lawtter Solutions technical support.