Open an Account in a Bank in China

China is the world’s factory. Many companies have their own businesses here. Running economic, trading, or investment activities without a bank account in China is simply impossible. Also, opening a bank account in China is also necessary for individuals who move to this country. Without an account and a bank card, it is impossible to pay for goods and services. Lawtter Solutions offers clients to open bank accounts in China. We provide services for individuals and legal entities.

The cost of the service

1 900 EUR*

Term for opening a bank account

1-3 months



Account opening type

Personal visit required

Opening an account

Basic information about bank accounts in China

The Chinese economy is one of the most regulated in the world. The People’s Bank of China is the authority that issues banking licenses for financial organizations. Banks in China are state-owned; there are no private financial institutions. Legal entities that operate in China are eligible to open Free Trade Non-Resident Accounts, Non-Resident Regular Accounts (NRA), and Offshore Accounts (OSA). If a company opens an offshore account in China, it does not have the right to operate in this country. Otherwise, it will be required to pay taxes at the same rates as onshore companies.


It is also important to know that an individual must open a bank account in China to legalize their residence. This is a necessary condition for obtaining a residence permit. Private clients in China can open savings accounts (for deposits) and current and investment accounts.



Advantages of having a bank account in China


Opening a bank account in China provides several important benefits. The main ones are the following:


Possibility of legalization in China

A Bank account is one of the important steps to receiving documents that allow you to live in China on a permanent basis.

Possibility to open an offshore account

Legal entities can conduct offshore activities using bank accounts in China.

You can get a bank card in any payment system

China supports the opening of Visa and Mastercard cards. You can also open a card from the UnionPay local payment system.

No requirements for the account balance

Clients can leave their balance at zero.

Quite a fast account opening

For individuals, it takes up to 10 days. For legal entities, it may be a little longer.

Submitting documents is possible online

The client can apply to open an account even if abroad.