Obtaining a Gambling License in Alderney

Alderney is a small island in Normandy. It is a crown territory of the United Kingdom. Only about 2,000 people live here. At the same time, Alderney is a popular jurisdiction for gambling business registration. It is perfectly legal here, and the local regulator is among the most reputable in the gambling industry. The Lawtter Solutions law firm offers clients online casino license registration services in Alderney. We provide full legal support for the process.


Benefits of Obtaining a Gambling License in Alderney

Alderney is one of the reputable jurisdictions for the gambling industry. A local license provides several significant benefits. The main ones are as follows:



Alderney is a small and stable jurisdiction from an economic and political perspective. There are no shocks here, which makes Alderney an attractive place to run a gambling business.


An Alderney gambling license is one of the most authoritative in the world. The local regulator has developed a transparent policy with lucrative rules for gambling companies.

Possibility of obtaining a temporary license

Companies can apply for a temporary license for 29 or 59 days of operation, making Alderney an attractive jurisdiction for relocating a business.

Single license for all activities

Companies can obtain one document and provide various services, such as slots, betting, card games, etc.

Absence of taxes

Gambling companies in Alderney do not pay taxes. Instead, the jurisdiction has a fixed fee that needs to be paid once a year.

Thus, Alderney is a reputable and beneficial jurisdiction where to run a gambling business.


Regulation of Gambling Activities in Alderney

The jurisdiction’s gambling regulator is the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC). It has existed since 2000 and is entirely independent of similar bodies in the UK or other crown jurisdictions. It is the only organization that is authorized to issue Alderney gambling licenses.


The jurisdiction issues two types of documents – licenses and certificates. They give companies the same rights. The only difference is that a license is issued to Alderney residents, while a certificate is issued to non-residents. There are three types of licenses in total.



Permanent, Category 1

The license or certificate of compliance Category 1 is intended for companies that provide gambling services to players (B2C). Holders of the documents have the right to organize gambling activities, accept client funds, store them, and pay out winnings. Companies are also obliged to identify players.


Permanent, Category 2

The license or certificate of compliance Category 2 is intended for operators that provide services to other casinos or betting companies (B2B). Software providers must obtain it. For example, they may be game providers, security developers, or other service providers for virtual casinos. Companies with a Category 2 license cannot provide direct gambling services.



A temporary Alderney gambling license is designed for existing gambling companies or software providers that previously operated under a license from another jurisdiction but have decided to move their business to Alderney. The document allows gambling activities for continuous periods of 29 days or 59 days over 6 months. When the period expires, companies must obtain a permanent license or certificate of compliance. They are given 42 days to do so.


What Requirements Should Be Met to Obtain a License?

In general, the requirements for conducting business in Alderney are relatively low. The company must organize the work of servers in the jurisdiction. Accordingly, it will need premises that meet the gambling regulator’s standards and equipment. Servers and software must be certified by the AGCC.


There are no requirements to register a company in this jurisdiction. Besides, the jurisdiction does not provide requirements for the number of shareholders or directors and their residency. There are no taxes for gambling in Alderney either, but there is a requirement to pay fees. They are described in the list:

  • The one-off registration fee is around £27,500. This includes fees for approval of internal controls, certification of equipment and software, changes to registers, additional deposits, and other fees.
  • The annual fee for running the business – between £5,000 and £10,000.


If a company fails to pay the annual fee promptly, the license may be suspended and revoked.


What Documents Do You Need to Obtain a License in Alderney?

You need to apply to the gambling regulator and submit an application to obtain a license in Alderney. A package of documents is attached to the application. It includes:


Constituent documents of the legal entity.

Data on ultimate beneficiaries, directors of the company.

Bank account details.

Market capitalization status.

Data on the premises and servers of the company.

Internal control system data.

AML/KYC policy.

Information on business partners.

Company's business plan.

You must also provide receipts or checks of payment of mandatory fees to process your Alderney license.