Restoration of a liquidated or deregistered company

If your company has been struck off or dissolved by the Companies House, leaving you pondering how to restore it and reopen business operations, Lawtter Solutions can provide the necessary assistance through our comprehensive company restoration services.

Company restoration

What is company restoration?

Company restoration is the process of reinstating a company that has been removed from the register of companies by the Companies House. This can happen for various reasons, such as:


Failing to file annual returns or accounts on time


Failing to pay taxes or debts


Failing to respond to statutory notices or inquiries


Voluntarily applying for dissolution

When a company is struck off or dissolved, it ceases to exist as a legal entity, forfeiting all its assets, rights, and liabilities. Consequently, trading, accessing bank accounts, selling property, or pursuing legal claims under the company name becomes impossible.


Nevertheless, there is an option to apply for the business reopening within six years from the date of dissolution, contingent upon specific conditions and fees. This process enables the restoration of your company, reinstating both its legal standing and assets, thereby allowing you to resume your business activities.

How can Lawtter Solutions help you?

Lawtter Solutions is a leading provider of reopening business services. We have a team of experienced and qualified professionals who can handle all aspects of company restoration, such as:

Conducting a feasibility assessment and advising you on the best course of action

Preparing and filing the necessary forms and documents with the Companies House and other authorities

Obtaining a court order or an administrative restoration (depending on the circumstances)

Dealing with any objections or complications that may arise

Communicating with you throughout the process and keeping you updated on the progress

Restoring a closed company involves a systematic process to regain its legal status and resume operations. The first step is to check the regulations and requirements of the governing authority, such as the Companies House. Submitting an application for restoration within the specified timeframe, typically within six years from the date of dissolution, is crucial. This application, accompanied by the requisite documentation and fees, undergoes a review process. It is essential to address any outstanding issues, such as unpaid debts or compliance issues, during this period. Once the restoration of a company after liquidation is approved, the company can reclaim its assets, rights, and liabilities. This process demands attention to detail, and adherence to legal procedures, and often benefits from professional assistance to navigate the complexities associated with company restoration.


We offer a fast, reliable, and affordable service that will save you time, hassle, and money. We can restore your company within 4 to 6 weeks (subject to court availability and processing times), and we charge a fixed fee plus VAT and disbursements.


Liquidating businesses demands meticulous planning and safeguarding of business assets. Our team of business experts, well-versed in commercial and business law, offers comprehensive solutions tailored for company directors and partners, encompassing analyses of tax liabilities and reporting planning. Throughout the business liquidation process, particular emphasis is placed on business relocation and citizenship issues, ensuring compliance with personal law and other relevant regulations. Our specialists, available for advice through our contact office, conduct a thorough analysis of the company’s operations, presenting customized solutions to ensure the successful completion of the process.


In the course of company liquidation, Lawtter Solutions, focusing on limited liability considerations, not only ensures legal support but also adopts a business-oriented approach to asset preservation and succession planning. As part of our comprehensive services, we provide expert advice to address any parent-company concerns. We aim to facilitate a smooth process for you and offer all the necessary tools to navigate this pivotal stage in your business’s lifecycle successfully.

Recovery of companies by region

Lawtter Solutions can restore a company in the following regions: