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Unleash new potential for your enterprise with Lawtter Solutions! Not only does our service simplify the process of registering a company in Slovenia, but it also guarantees remarkable efficiency. Slovenia, renowned for its meticulously conserved natural beauty and notably robust economy, is becoming an increasingly enticing location for international business ventures. With its strategic position at the heart of Europe, Slovenia serves as a significant trading hub, opening gateways to the markets of the European Union.

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However, establishing a subsidiary in a foreign land can present a series of intricate and uncertain challenges.

This is where Lawtter Solutions steps in. We aim to not only streamline the process of company registration in Slovenia but also to render it as comprehensible and transparent as feasible. Our team of seasoned professionals is committed to providing unwavering support at every phase, from the initial planning stages to the full-scale operation of your enterprise.


As a general rule, it’s essential to engage professional services for smooth company registration, ensuring all regulatory requirements are met. With Lawtter Solutions, your aspirations of conducting business in Slovenia will be actualized with assured confidence and effectiveness. Collectively, we can unearth new opportunities and secure a strong foothold for your businesses in this thriving, expanding economy, ensuring the success of your international projects. Slovenia presents a wealth of opportunities for investors, particularly those seeking to establish a foothold in the European market.



Benefits of Registering a Company in Slovenia

The scope of your business activity will be a critical factor in determining the best strategy for company registration in Slovenia.


European Access

Quick assimilation into the European economy and markets. Slovenia serves as a gateway to the European Union.


A reliable and moderate tax system. With corporate tax as low as 19% and no tax on the injection of foreign capital, Slovenia becomes an attractive business hub for foreigners. The flexibility and transparency of the tax regulations are added bonuses.


A straightforward and transparent company registration process that can be completed within a week.


Excellent transportation networks and closeness to major European markets contribute to ease of doing business.


An exceptionally skilled labor force ready to contribute to your company’s growth.


Consistent government backing for innovative and high-tech projects ensures a supportive environment for pioneering businesses.

Quality of Life

An impressive standard of living, coupled with high levels of education and healthcare, ensures a comfortable environment for your staff.


Political and economic stability fosters a favorable environment for business expansion.

Taking the first step towards establishing your enterprise, business company registration in Slovenia can be efficiently facilitated with our specialized services.

Sole Proprietorship (Samostojnipodjetnik — “S.P.”)

Perfect for ambitious entrepreneurs seeking full autonomy over their businesses. Lawtter Solutions ensures a smooth and swift registration process. Embarking on a business venture in Slovenia can be a significant stride toward your commercial triumph, and we’re poised to make it a reality.


Private Limited Liability Company (Družba z omejenoodgovornostjo — “D.O.O.”)

When registering a D.O.O. with Lawtter Solutions, you acquire flexibility and asset security. We offer more than just professional incorporation services; we also provide tax counsel and legal support to ensure maximum protection for your international businesses.


Public Limited Liability Company (DelniškaDružba — “D.D.”)

If you have larger aspirations and aim to attract investment, opt for D.D. registration with Lawtter Solutions. We assist in preparing all necessary documentation and managing the registration process without any undue complications. Moreover, our team of experts is always available to answer your queries and provide decision-makers with timely information for effective business governance.


Private Company with Unlimited Liability (Družba z neomejenoodgovornostjo — D.N.O.)

If you’re prepared to assume higher risks, select D.N.O. Lawtter Solutions will be with you every step of the way, from registration to providing legal support, ensuring your safety throughout.


Partnership with Limited Liability of All Partners (Komanditnadružba — “KD”)

If your business thrives on collaboration, opt for KD registration. Lawtter Solutions will simplify the registration process and furnish you with all the necessary documentation to ensure your partnership’s success. The company will be established under Slovenian law, and with our assistance, the process will be as straightforward and speedy as possible, enabling you to commence business operations at the earliest opportunity.



In each option, Lawtter Solutions provides a comprehensive range of services, from initial consultations to registration. Select the option that aligns best with your business objectives, and let us pave your way to success. Our team is a reputable institution, dedicated to helping entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of business registration.

Prerequisites for Registering a Company in Slovenia

Our experienced lawyers are ready to provide comprehensive legal guidance and support throughout your company’s establishment and operation.


Regardless of your country of residence, Lawtter Solutions is ready to facilitate your journey to becoming a company director in Slovenia. You must be at least 18 years of age and not a citizen of a country on the sanctions list. Our expert team ensures a seamless incorporation process for citizens of any country, barring those from nations on the sanctions lists.



If you aspire to become a shareholder of a Slovenian company, Lawtter Solutions can help, irrespective of your location. You must be at least 18 years of age and not a citizen of a country on the sanctions list. Significantly, we’ll assist in organizing and managing your company’s shares to maximize the return on your Slovenian investment.



Your company must be registered within Slovenia. To meet this criterion, we’ll help by providing a legal address for your company.



We’ll guide you in selecting a distinctive name for your company that not only underlines your brand but also aligns fully with local requirements.


Authorized Capital

Lawtter Solutions ensures that your financial matters are handled smoothly. We’ll assist you in opening a temporary account for the payment of authorized capital, requiring a minimum amount of 7,500 Euros.


Local Account

In accordance with Slovenian stipulations, we’ll help you open a local bank account to facilitate smooth business operations.


Registration Agent

The absence of a requirement for a registration agent in Slovenia simplifies the process and makes it more cost-effective.



Lawtter Solutions will aid in preparing and filing the necessary reports punctually, ensuring that your business is always in compliance with regulatory requirements.



With Lawtter Solutions, initiating a company in Slovenia becomes a straightforward and uncomplicated endeavor. We provide a comprehensive range of services, from consultation to final incorporation. Allow us to pave your pathway to success in a simplified and pleasurable manner.

Taxation System in Slovenia

Do you aspire to expand your business in Slovenia but are uncertain about tax optimization? Are you in search of a trustworthy partner to guide you through the country’s tax legislation? If so, Lawtter Solutions is your answer. We can assist you in setting up a company in Slovenia and provide you with comprehensive legal support, significantly easing your adaptation process in this new market. We propose a holistic solution for your business that will enable you to:
  • Pay an income tax at a minimal rate of 19%, irrespective of where you render your services or who your clients are.
  • Bypass a withholding tax at the source of 15% by leveraging the network of international double tax treaties that Slovenia has ratified with more than 50 countries.
  • Decrease the VAT rate to 9.5% or even 5% if your operations are in the fields of tourism, culture, education, or healthcare.
  • Receive expert advice and support on any tax-related concerns in Slovenia.



Don’t miss the opportunity to become a prosperous entrepreneur in Slovenia. By reaching out to us at Lawtter Solutions now, you can obtain a complimentary situation evaluation and a personalized proposal from us. We can aid you not only in establishing a company in Slovenia but also in devising the most efficient development strategy, taking into account all the nuances of your business and the local market.

Regulatory Reporting in Slovenia

Timely Reporting

Slovenian legislation necessitates annual reporting by the 31st of March. Fear not! Lawtter Solutions guarantees the smooth preparation and submission of your accounts to the Slovenian tax authorities.


Account Auditing

Has your business scaled new heights? If your turnover has hit 40,000,000 EUR, your employee count is 250 or the total value of your company’s assets is 20,000,000 EUR, your accounts must undergo an audit. Lawtter Solutions will simplify this process for you.


VAT Accounting

Once your company has achieved a turnover of 10,000 EUR, it becomes mandatory to register for VAT. Lawtter Solutions will accompany you every step of the way, ensuring accurate and timely accounting.


VAT Reporting

Depending on your company’s turnover, you’ll be required to submit a VAT report either on a monthly or a quarterly basis. Regardless of the frequency, Lawtter Solutions will ensure this task is executed smoothly.



Rest assured about the accuracy and punctuality of your reporting with Lawtter Solutions. We’ll assist you in navigating all Slovenian legal requirements, ensuring your reporting is prepared and submitted without any hassle.


Documents Required for Registration

Your aspirations of establishing a company in Slovenia can become a reality in just a few steps, and the team at Lawtter Solutions is here to assist at every stage. To kickstart the incorporation process, you will need to prepare the following documents:

  • Identity Document: Keep a copy of your foreign or national passport ready. Our team will review it to ensure all information is correctly inputted into the registration documents.
  • Proof of Residential Address: It’s crucial to furnish proof of your current residence. This can be a utility bill no older than three months (cell phone bills are unfortunately not acceptable), or a bank statement.

Our guiding principles are simplicity and convenience. Provide us with these documents and we will manage the entire incorporation process, leaving you to focus on the key aspects of running your business. Reach out to us and operating a company in a new jurisdiction will become significantly easier.

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At Lawtter Solutions, we provide a streamlined process to register a new company in Slovenia online. The process is initiated by filling out an online application form on our website where you provide your business details. We then guide you through choosing a unique company name and drafting the Articles of Association, which is performed online. You’ll be required to sign these documents. Lastly, you’ll need to provide the initial share capital for your business through a bank transfer. Once we’ve received all the necessary information and documents, we take over and handle the rest of the process, liaising with the Slovenian Commercial Register.
To register a company in Slovenia, you need to prepare several documents. These include a certified copy of your passport, proof of your residency, and your Slovenian tax number. In some cases, depending on the nature of the business, additional permissions or licenses may be required. Rest assured, our team at Lawtter Solutions will guide you thoroughly through the process, making sure you have all the necessary documents for a successful registration.
The cost to establish a company in Slovenia stands at 4 400 EUR. For more detailed information about services included in the price , feel free to contact us.

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