Business License

Trading is a prevalent and highly lucrative endeavor in today’s society. Nevertheless, to ensure a successful involvement in trading, it is imperative to adhere to specific guidelines and regulations while also acquiring the necessary permits and licenses from governmental bodies.


The specific licenses required may vary depending on the nature of the products you intend to sell.

Among the most popular and highly sought-after licenses within the realm of trade are those pertaining to alcohol, tobacco products, and food additives.

Licensing for Alcohol Sales

Alcohol stands as one of the most popular products globally, yet it is also subject to extensive regulations. In the majority of countries, engaging in the production, importation, exportation, wholesale, or retail sale of alcoholic beverages necessitates acquiring a specific license or permit from the relevant governing bodies.


Acquiring a liquor license involves a comprehensive process that can incur considerable expenses. It entails the submission of numerous documents, adherence to various requirements and conditions, as well as undergoing inspections and audits. Moreover, liquor licenses typically carry a limited validity period and necessitate periodic renewal or extension.


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Tobacco Product

Licensing for Tobacco Product Trade


Tobacco, being one of the most prevalent and lucrative commodities worldwide, also necessitates obtaining a specialized license or permit from the governing authorities to engage in its production, importation, exportation, or trade.


The process of acquiring a tobacco license bears similarities to that of obtaining an alcohol license. It entails the submission of numerous documents, compliance with various requirements and conditions, and successfully passing inspections and audits. Additionally, tobacco licenses possess a limited validity period and require periodic renewal or extension.


If you seek to obtain a tobacco license, Lawtter Solutions is available to assist. We will guide you through the preparation of all essential documents, provide expert advice on matters concerning tobacco licensing, and represent your interests before the state authorities. With our support, you can expedite the process of obtaining a tobacco license.

Food Additives

Licensing for Food Additive Sales


Food additives, substances added to enhance the quality, taste, nutrition, or safety of food, are another crucial aspect of the global trade market.


Given their potential impact on consumer health, many countries require licensing for the trade of food additives. Such licensing confirms that the product meets the quality, safety, and efficacy standards mandated by law.


To acquire a license for trading food additives, certain documents must be submitted, including a licensing application, a legal entity registration certificate, lease agreements or property ownership documents for the retail premises, certificates of conformity and hygienic assessments for the food additives, documentation verifying the qualifications and experience of staff, and any additional documents specific to the requirements of the particular country.

Obtaining a license from with the help of Lawtter Solutions

Lawtter Solutions stands ready to assist you in selecting the necessary documents, ensuring their accuracy and completeness, and submitting them to the appropriate authorities.

We provide legal support throughout the entire licensing process and safeguard your rights in case of any disputes.



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