5 fatal mistakes in contracts


The client demands that you sign a 20-page contract as soon as possible and start working.
He doesn’t bargain and promises to throw in a wad of cash if you confirm everything, so you didn’t even hesitate.

But you should have!

Here are the surprises that can be hidden in such contracts:

1. Deadlines

You agreed a 2-month-term in words, but the contract may hide other dates.
For example, the customer is supposed to receive a project or demo in a week, but does not receive it on time and the penalties start to count, which are deducted from your fee.

2. Penalties

If the work is not done on time or according to the terms of reference (in their opinion), you will owe them money!

3. More work

Imagine: you submitted the project on time, but received only 50% of the fee. And then it turns out that according to the contract, your earnings include a lot of additional work.

4. Ambiguous wording

Occasionally, you may encounter a misunderstanding of a sentence, as the meaning may be completely different. Therefore, always check documents for hidden meanings and tricks.

5. Contradictions between sections and articles

Always be careful if one part of the contract requires you to do one thing, and the other part contains entirely different additional obligations

These are just a few of the possible tricks that the customer can use, and if you disagree, the court will be on their side.