Opening a bank account in the USA

For many people, the United States of America is a dream country to live in or to do business in. The United States has the most developed banking system in the world. A bank account in this country opens up huge opportunities for people and companies. An individual will need it to move to America, make purchases, or get a residence permit. A legal entity needs to open a bank account in the USA in order to do business there. Lawtter Solutions offers clients the opportunity to open a U.S. bank account quickly and hassle-free.

The cost of the service

1 000 EUR*

Term for opening a bank account

1-3 months



Account opening type

With personal visit

Opening an account

Basic information about opening a bank account in the U.S.

The requirements for opening bank accounts in the United States are not simple. This is because this sphere is very strictly regulated, and a financial institution may be deprived of its license in case of any violations.

Nevertheless, a non-resident of the USA can open an account in a U.S. bank. It is even possible to open offshore accounts (offshore companies can only operate abroad; they are not allowed to operate in the USA). Before opening up a U.S. bank account, it is necessary to know that each state has its own rules regarding registration in the banking system and servicing of foreigners.


For example, the most loyal jurisdiction for foreign business is the state of Delaware. Here, many companies register for offshore activities and open accounts. The rules for opening accounts for foreigners and foreign business may differ from state to state, so knowing about them in advance is necessary. Thus, if you wonder, ‘Can I open a U.S. bank account as a foreigner?’, the answer can be provided only when you select the state.


It’s impossible to open a U.S. bank account online without being present in person. You will have to visit a bank branch and undergo an interview. It is not possible to do this remotely via the Internet.



Advantages of opening a bank account in the USA


Opening up a U.S. bank account offers several important benefits, including:


Capital security

The USA is the country with the most developed banking system in the world. Here, clients’ funds are maximally protected and insured by the state.

Ability to conduct business in the United States

The business can pay wages, conduct transactions with minimal fees throughout the U.S., and accept customer payments without problems.

Passive income

American banks offer many services to generate passive income. For example, you can invest in pension savings or buy shares directly through mobile applications.


U.S. banks’ mobile apps are some of the most user-friendly and technologically advanced in the world. They allow you to perform various transactions, set up automatic bill payments, control expenses, invest, quickly contact support, etc.