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In the United Arab Emirates, a land where aspirations materialize into tangible reality, concepts evolve into flourishing business ventures. Amidst the backdrop of extraordinary architecture and a robust economy, Lawtter Solutions invites you to embark on this voyage from conception to fruition, ensuring peak efficiency and utmost comfort.
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Your foray into the corporate landscape commences with us at Lawtter Solutions.

Our seasoned experts offer holistic support throughout every phase of the UAE company registration process. Fortified by profound legal acumen, fostering relationships, and deep respect for our clientele, we guarantee a seamless and transparent procedure.
The UAE is a haven where commerce thrives at full strength. The nation offers a diverse range of economic liberties, formidable infrastructure, and sophisticated business culture. Embarking on a company set up in the UAE offers a wealth of opportunities for innovation, growth, and access to a robust and diverse market. Together with Lawtter Solutions, launching your company in the UAE will be simpler, quicker, and more trustworthy. We pledge to deliver an extensive array of services tailored to your distinct needs and expectations, encompassing legal consultation, license procurement assistance, and administrative aid.

Benefits of Incorporating a Business in the United Arab Emirates

Commencing a business venture in the Emirates offers a plethora of benefits:

Capital Catalyst

Setting up a company in the UAE serves as a catalyst for your capital. With the absence of income or personal income tax, your resources are primed to proliferate.

Cradle of Creativity

The only ticket required to enter the entrepreneurial realm of the Arab world is your burning passion to conceptualize and actualize innovative ideas.

Global Intersection

By incorporating your company in the UAE, you position yourself at a strategic nexus of international business. Your stocks, products, and services can effortlessly permeate the global market.

Investor-Friendly Regulations

Worried about special stipulations for foreign investors? Worry not! You are entitled to 100% ownership of your company, without the need for a local sponsor.

Intellectual Safe Haven

The government is dedicated to safeguarding your intellectual property through stringent legislation, ensuring a secure business environment.

Transparency Triumphs

Comprehensive information, advice, and assistance pertaining to taxation and documentation are readily accessible, illuminating your business journey.

Seamless Set-Up for Expats

The well-structured and efficient company set-up process in the UAE simplifies life for foreign entrepreneurs.

Innovation Incubator

The UAE not only nurtures individual ingenuity but also fosters corporate innovation.

Peer Support Aplenty

Rub shoulders with fellow visionaries and professionals hailing from across the globe, eager to offer support and collaboration.

Global Stage

As a member of the World Trade Organization and numerous other international bodies, the UAE facilitates smooth and effective international business operations.

Company types

Incorporating a business in the UAE provides you with the liberty to choose from a myriad of company structures best suited for your venture:

Sole Proprietorship

Tailor your business to fit your vision. Embrace autonomy as you assume full command of your enterprise. Leverage this exceptional opportunity to control every facet of your private business with the support of Lawtter Solutions.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Safeguard your personal wealth by opting for an appropriate business structure. We are here to help you mitigate risks and boost your profits. At Lawtter Solutions, we simplify and expedite the process of registering an LLC in the UAE, deftly navigating bureaucratic obstacles.

Public Joint Stock Company

Disseminate your risks and elevate your business scale by welcoming investors. With Lawtter Solutions, you can effortlessly and conveniently incorporate a public company in the UAE, marking the commencement of a new business phase.

Limited Liability Partnership

Forge a formidable business alliance by sharing both risks and rewards. With Lawtter Solutions, you gain expert advice in registering such a partnership in the UAE, enabling you to concentrate on operating your business.

Unlimited Liability Partnership

For the audacious who are prepared to push the boundaries for their venture. While unlimited liability might seem daunting, with the adept team at Lawtter Solutions, you’ll be equipped to manage the risks and seize every opportunity for expansion.
Trust us with the paperwork as you zero in on your business. Registering a company in the UAE online with Lawtter Solutions is your passport to success.

Prerequisites for Incorporating a Business in the UAE


With Lawtter Solutions at your side, residency stipulations for directors are no longer a concern. We empower you to select the most suitable candidate from anywhere across the globe (excluding sanctioned countries). The sole requirement is a single director aged 18 or above.


We enable global investment opportunities. A citizen of any nation (apart from sanctioned countries) can become a shareholder. The only prerequisite is one shareholder who is at least 18 years of age.

Registered Office

Your business will be officially domiciled in the United Arab Emirates. Define your corporate address with Lawtter Solutions and invite the global market to your doorstep.

Company Name

Accentuate your corporate identity with a distinctive name. The UAE has specific naming conventions depending on whether your company is situated in the Mainland or a Free Zone. For Mainland companies, adhere to formats such as “LLC” for Limited Liability Companies, “LP” for Limited Partnerships, and “GP” for General Partnerships. However, for Free Zone incorporations, you will use formats like “FZE” for Free Zone Entities, “FZC” for Free Zone Companies, and “FZLLC” or “FZCO” for Limited Liability Free Zone Companies. Regardless of your choice, we at Lawtter Solutions stand ready to assist you in identifying and registering the ideal name for your company.

Share Capital

Inaugurating a company in the UAE offers you the liberty to commence your business unhindered, as Emirati law does not stipulate a minimum authorized capital for a company.

Local Bank Account

A local bank account in the UAE is not a necessity. This eases the procedures for both establishing and managing your enterprise.

Registration Agent

There’s no requirement for a registration agent. This decreases your paperwork load and simplifies the process. Incorporating a business in the UAE paves the way for unlimited opportunities for your company to thrive in a vibrant, business-oriented region.

Financial Reporting

Entrust your financial record-keeping to our proficient team. All companies are obligated to compile and submit financial accounts within a designated timeframe, a requirement we can assist you with.

Tax Implications in the United Arab Emirates

Worldwide taxation

The UAE adopts a comprehensive approach towards taxation. Your profits are subject to taxation regardless of the location where your services are rendered, your business associates, or your company’s structure. Enjoy the liberty to operate on a global scale with your UAE enterprise.

Free Zone Perks

The UAE boasts over 40 Free Zones, each presenting unique business prospects. If your company is incorporated within such a zone and does not transact with local companies in the UAE, you may relish a tax-free environment. Seize this opportunity to optimize your tax obligations and augment your profits.

Income Tax

The taxation on your profits ranges between 0 and 9%. Kickstart and expand your business while maximizing profits. Establishing a company in the UAE signifies a stride towards global acknowledgment, market extension, and new opportunities in a country that actively courts foreign enterprises.

Withholding Tax

The UAE does not levy a withholding tax. This implies a significant potential increase in your income.


The standard VAT rate in the UAE stands at 5%. However, this rate could potentially be reduced to 0% depending on the nature of your business. A more cost-effective taxation system beckons in the UAE.
All these benefits can be availed with Lawtter Solutions. Launching a business in the UAE furnishes unique advantages such as reduced taxes and access to a vast international market.

Financial Reporting in the United Arab Emirates

Welcome to a world of seamless business operations in the UAE, where Lawtter Solutions ensures that reporting and auditing are no longer daunting tasks.

Precision and Timeliness

Adherence to the UAE’s reporting regulations is simplified with our help. All companies within the UAE must submit their financial accounts within nine months from the close of the accounting period. Your reporting cycle spans 12 months, aligning with the calendar year. Lawtter Solutions guarantees the timely preparation and submission of all requisite documents.

Secure Document Storage

With our services, concerns over the safekeeping of your financial documents are a thing of the past. We ensure the secure preservation of all your documents for the legally mandated period of five years.

Utmost Transparency

Your financial transactions will be under our vigilant oversight. Mainland companies in the UAE are required to prepare and file audited financial accounts. This procedure is made significantly simpler and quicker with Lawtter Solutions at your disposal.

VAT Registration

We will guide you in registering for VAT when your annual turnover reaches 375,000 AED. There’s also an option for voluntary registration once your turnover hits 187,500 AED. We assure the timely submission of your VAT reports, whether monthly or quarterly, based on your company’s revenue.
Banish worries over your company's reporting, as Lawtter Solutions shoulders the responsibility. Our knowledge of UAE law ensures that legal requirements will not be an obstacle to your success. Opening a business in the UAE provides a springboard to vast economic opportunities, bolstered by a stable business environment and supportive government policies.

Procedure for Registering a Company in the UAE

With Lawtter Solutions at your side, we streamline the complexities, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters – the expansion of your business. Here’s how our dedicated team can assist you:

Due Diligence and KYC Verification

We'll compile all necessary details about your intended business and company structure, taking full responsibility for the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process.

Company Name Uniqueness Verification

We'll ascertain that your chosen company name is unique and unclaimed in the Registrar of Companies.

Compilation of Registration Documents

We'll handle the preparation of all forms and collation of all documents necessary for registration with the Registrar of Companies.

Document Filing with the Registrar

We'll ensure that all prepared documents are accurately filed and processed with the Registrar of Companies.

Assembly and Collation of Necessary Incorporation Documents

If you're an individual, we'll assist you in preparing all the documents required for incorporation. This includes documents verifying your identity, like a copy of your foreign or national passport, and documents confirming your residential address.

Drafting of Corporate By-laws

Post incorporation of your company, we will prepare all essential corporate statutory documents.

With Lawtter Solutions, you’ll feel assured and supported at each stage of your company registration in the UAE.
Question — answer


Yes, it’s absolutely possible for non-residents to establish a company in the U.A.E. We at Lawtter Solutions have extensive experience assisting clients from around the globe to start their business journey in the U.A.E.
The UAE offers a range of options for company formation. Depending on your business needs and objectives, you can choose from a limited liability company (LLC), a free zone company, an offshore company, or a joint-stock company.
The minimum authorized capital for registering a company in the UAE varies depending on the type and location of the company. For instance, LLCs do not have a specified minimum capital requirement, while joint-stock companies require a higher minimum.
Basic requirements for company registration in the UAE include a unique company name, at least one shareholder, a local service agent for foreign companies, a suitable office space, and the necessary capital. Additionally, certain legal documents must be submitted.
The cost of registering a company in the UAE depends on the type of business, its location, and the specific licenses required. However, our team at Lawtter Solutions is dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions and transparent pricing for all our services.