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Explore Slovakia, where history elegantly blends with contemporary progress, and where business possibilities appear boundless. Nestled strategically within the heart of Europe, Slovakia’s economic stability, and advanced market economy render it a prime platform for nurturing and proliferating your business. The multitude of benefits that Slovakia provides suggests that the business potential in this country is enormous.
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* The fees serve as informative indicators. Kindly reach out to the attorneys at Lawtter Solutions to ascertain the services encompassed within the registration fee.

Registering a business in Slovakia entails a thorough understanding, aptitude, and considerable time investment.

However, what if we could streamline this process, making it more transparent and efficient? Welcome to Lawtter Solutions. Our primary objective is to simplify the procedure of launching a business in Slovakia to the greatest extent possible.
At Lawtter Solutions, we transform the act of registering a new company in Slovakia from a daunting task to an achievable target, serving as the gateway to a world of new opportunities and potential for the enterprise. We specialize in providing a comprehensive service for company registration in Slovakia, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.

Benefits of Incorporating a Business in Slovakia

Slovakia is a nation that offers substantial economic opportunities for the business. But what makes company registration in Slovakia so appealing?

Strategic Geographical Location

Occupying a central position within Europe, Slovakia boasts a favorable location that offers seamless accessibility to other European Union nations. With our comprehensive company registration services in Slovakia, we make the process of establishing a business in this strategic European location both effortless and efficient.

Transparent Legal System

The country upholds a transparent and equitable legal framework that ensures business security and appeals to potential investors.

Competitive Tax Rates

Slovakia’s corporate tax rates are comparatively lower, thus presenting attractive prospects for businesses.

Highly Educated Workforce

Slovakia prides itself on its highly educated and skilled labor force that is proficient in numerous European languages.

Supportive Business Infrastructure

The country provides a plethora of business support and incentive schemes, including grant offerings and soft loans.

Economic Stability

Slovakia maintains a stable economy complemented by a robust financial sector, ensuring the successful functioning of the business.

Euro as the Official Currency

The usage of a unified European currency simplifies trade and financial transactions within the European Union.

Company types

Before you venture into doing business in Slovakia, it’s imperative to acquaint yourself with the prevalent types of companies that can be incorporated within this country.

Sole Proprietorship (živnostník)

Are you confident in a business idea and willing to take full responsibility? The Sole Proprietorship status could be the ideal fit for you! It is the simplest and quickest method to commence a business in Slovakia. We, at Lawtter Solutions, will guide you through every phase of registration and license acquisition.

Limited Liability Company (spoločnosť s ručením obmedzeným)

If you are seeking a business structure that offers enhanced protection of personal assets and flexibility in management, then forming a Limited Liability Company may be the way forward. With Lawtter Solutions, you can establish a limited company swiftly and effectively.

Public Limited Company (akciová spoločnosť)

Should the business plan involve attracting external investments and large-scale expansion, a Public Limited Company could be your ideal choice. We can assist you with bookkeeping, financial reporting, and investor relations.

Limited Partnership (komanditná spoločnosť)

A blend of responsibility and flexibility. If you and your partners are looking to share responsibilities and risks, we can help you set up this partnership appropriately and safeguard all participants’ interests.

General Partnership (verejná obchodná spoločnosť)

Perfect for those who prioritize transparency and trust within their business. If you’re prepared to grow and evolve together, we are ready to provide all the support you require to establish this type of company.
With Lawtter Solutions, you receive more than mere legal assistance – you gain a comprehensive understanding of Slovakia's business processes. Our mission is to facilitate your entry into this new market as comfortably and successfully as possible. Using advanced technology, we have streamlined the process of company registration in Slovakia, making it easier for entrepreneurs worldwide. As a resident of Slovakia, you will uncover an array of opportunities for business growth, and we at Lawtter Solutions are committed to helping you capitalize on these. Together, we can surmount any challenges and unveil new realms of opportunities.

Prerequisites for Incorporating a Business in Slovakia

Embarking on a business venture in Slovakia becomes much simpler once you acquaint yourself with the fundamental prerequisites for company registration.


Your birthplace isn’t a constraint; what’s vital is where you aspire to actualize your ambitions. Whether you are a Slovak national or a foreigner with a residency permit in Slovakia, we at Lawtter Solutions can assist you in becoming the director of your own enterprise. Even small businesses can thrive in Slovakia, thanks to its stable economy and favorable business environment.


The opportunities are endless for citizens from any country (excluding those on sanctions lists). All you need to be is over 18 years of age to own a stake in a company. Our team at Lawtter Solutions is poised to guide you through this process.


By providing an address in Slovakia, your company can be registered. Our team is prepared to offer you comprehensive support at this stage.


Select a unique name for the company and append the appropriate suffix (SRO, KS, VOS). We will assist you in ensuring it perfectly aligns with a business vision.

Authorized Capital

The required authorized capital is a mere 5,000 euros, which doesn’t necessitate payment. With a nominal value of €1, this implies you can initiate the business without substantial investment. This structure makes the initial capital contribution minimal, thereby facilitating an easy start for entrepreneurs.

Local Account

Opening a local account within Slovakia is not mandatory, which further streamlines and expedites the process.

Registration Agent

There is no need for a registration agent. With Lawtter Solutions, you can concentrate on pressing matters while we handle all the technical details.


Every company is obligated to prepare and file reports. However, rest assured that our team can assist you in fulfilling all these requirements.
With Lawtter Solutions, your business dreams in Slovakia can turn into tangible reality. Our clients choose us for our expertise, efficiency, and meticulous approach. Let us simplify your company registration process and assist you in achieving success.

Understanding Taxation in Slovakia

We at Lawtter Solutions will assist you with the company’s registration in Slovakia and optimizing its taxation strategy. Here are some essential aspects of Slovakia’s taxation system you should be aware of:

Global Taxation Principle

Slovakia adheres to the global income taxation principle, implying that a company will be subject to income tax irrespective of the service location and company structure. We are prepared to help you comprehend this principle and minimize tax liability.

Income Tax

The income tax rate in Slovakia is set at 21%. However, our team of experts is at hand to identify every possible method of optimization to enhance your net income.

Withholding Tax

Depending on the type of income, the withholding tax rate can be 0%, 7%, or 35%. We can guide you through understanding how these rates apply to your business, enabling you to better plan your finances.


The standard VAT in Slovakia is typically 20%, although, in certain circumstances, it can be reduced to 10% or even 5%. We aim to utilize all accessible rate reductions to benefit your financial situation.
With Lawtter Solutions, your tax planning becomes as efficient and optimized as possible. Our team of seasoned professionals will help you navigate through the complexities of Slovakia's taxation system and ensure your business's complete compliance with tax laws while maximizing the use of all available exemptions and reductions. With us, your company will be in capable and secure hands.

Understanding Reporting Requirements in Slovakia

Reporting Deadlines

According to Slovak legislation, all companies are obliged to submit an annual report by the 31st of July each year. With Lawtter Solutions at your service, you can cast aside concerns about deadlines as we assume this responsibility.

Audited Accounts

If your company surpasses certain thresholds (€2,000,000 turnover, 30 employees, €1,000,000 in assets), auditing of your accounts becomes mandatory. Our team of auditors is available to ensure the accuracy and compliance of all your accounts.

VAT Registration

Upon reaching a turnover of €10,000, a company must register for VAT. We can streamline this process for you, ensuring it’s executed correctly and promptly.

Monthly VAT Reports

Our team of experts will ensure that all necessary information reaches the tax office by the 25th of each month.
With Lawtter Solutions, your company's financial records in Slovakia will always be well-organized, allowing you to concentrate on managing your business.

The Procedure for Incorporating a Company in Slovakia

Is your business poised to broaden its horizons and scale new peaks in Slovakia? Lawtter Solutions provides a comprehensive package for company incorporation, absolving you of bureaucratic headaches. Navigating the process of new company registration in Slovakia can be simplified with the right guidance and professional assistance.

Due Diligence and KYC Verification

Our team of experts conducts Due Diligence and KYC verification, assembling essential information and documents related to your future company's proposed activities and structure in a fully transparent manner. We prioritize your security, assuring rigorous compliance with legal stipulations.

Brand Uniqueness

We will cross-verify chosen company name for uniqueness and availability in the Slovak Company Register. No repetitions or unwelcome surprises - only distinctiveness and individuality for your enterprise.

Document Preparation

We compile all registration forms and gather necessary documents for submission to the Company Register. Save your time from paperwork - we manage everything for you.


Our team will lodge the compiled documents with the Register for further processing and entry of your company's details. Quick, professional, and without complications.

Final Touches

Following company registration, we'll prepare corporate bylaws in strict accordance with your structure and activities. We pay attention to every detail to ensure a seamless process.

Your triumph in Slovakia begins with Lawtter Solutions – we take care of the business, leaving you to concentrate on your operations. Embark on the global business journey with a trusted partner today. The registration of a company in Slovakia can be a significant step towards expanding a business’s reach in the heart of Europe.

To elevate the business to the next level, the first step is company registration in Slovakia. Lawtter Solutions simplifies this process, providing a clear checklist of necessary documents and comprehensive support at each stage.

  • Proof of Identity: Initially, we need to verify your identity. For this, we accept a copy of a passport or national ID. Ensure all the details on the copy are legible – together, we prioritize security.
  • Proof of Residential Address: We require proof of the residential address. This can be a utility bill no older than three months (cell phone bills are not accepted) or a bank statement. Personal details are securely handled and used solely for the purpose of company registration.

While company registration can appear complex, our goal is to make it as simple and straightforward as possible. We recognize the importance of maintaining focus on your business, which is why we offer our unwavering support every step of the way.

Your success in Slovakia starts with meticulous document preparation. Entrust this process to Lawtter Solutions, your ally in the sphere of international business.

Question — answer 


With Lawtter Solutions, registering a new company in Slovakia online is a seamless and efficient process. First, you will need to choose a unique company name and confirm its availability. Then, we will assist you in preparing the necessary documents, which include the Articles of Association, a declaration of the capital deposited, and the identification documents of the directors and shareholders. Once these are ready, we’ll submit the documents on your behalf to the Slovak Business Register via an online system. This process typically takes about 10 to 15 business days, after which you’ll receive a registration confirmation and your company will officially be established.
For the formation of a company in Slovakia, you’ll need to provide several pieces of information. This includes the proposed company name, business activities, the registered office address in Slovakia, details of directors (including full names, dates of birth, and residential addresses), and details of shareholders. In addition, you’ll also need to provide the share capital details, identification proofs for all the directors and shareholders (a valid passport copy for foreign nationals), and proof of the registered office address in Slovakia.
The cost of opening a company in Slovakia varies depending on the specifics of your needs and the type of company you’re planning to establish. However, at Lawtter Solutions, we aim to offer competitive pricing. The basic fee for our services, which includes assistance in preparing documents and filing with the Business Register, starts from approximately € 2400.