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Unleash a new realm of possibilities for your venture with Mauritius, an extraordinary tropical nation renowned not only for its breathtaking landscape but also for its robust, business-accommodating economy. This region perfectly amalgamates its highly-regarded status as an offshore hub with a dependable business atmosphere, international treaties, and a stable political framework.
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* The fees serve as informative indicators. Kindly reach out to the attorneys at Lawtter Solutions to ascertain the services encompassed within the registration fee.

In this universe brimming with opportunities and untapped potential, Lawtter Solutions acts as your trustworthy navigator and aide.

Our expert team boasts a comprehensive understanding and vast experience in corporate law and business services, facilitating the smooth establishment of your company in Mauritius. Lawtter Solutions serves as your conduit to a powerful business milieu where a plethora of opportunities awaits, all amplified by our unwavering support.
We resonate with your energy and resolve, providing flawless legal services to ensure your business flourishes in a locale marked by its transparency and reciprocal respect. With Lawtter Solutions, the process of registering a business in Mauritius transitions from an intimidating task to an exhilarating journey toward success.

Advantages of Incorporating a Business in Mauritius

Revolutionized Business and Taxation with Shining Finance

The unique two-tier taxation system in Mauritius redefines your business and tax strategy. Non-residents, such as a director of your company, can leverage this system to optimize their tax obligations.

A Perfect Blend of Security and Transparency

Your company is recognized as operating within a jurisdiction that maintains a high standard of financial transparency. Documents and business-related information are managed in line with international standards.

Global Intersection

Mauritius, the country where your company is registered, has inked Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAs) with more than 40 countries. This broadens your business’s financial perspectives on an international scale.

The Paradise of Detail

A company registered in Mauritius reaps the benefits of unrestricted repatriation of profits, dividends, and capital. This facilitates financial transactions and positions Mauritius as a convenient location for both residents and non-residents.

Magic Carpet

Situated in the GMT+4 time zone, Mauritius, a stunning island, provides unparalleled business opportunities. Your directors and shareholders can effortlessly connect with partners from various parts of the globe.

The Emerald Isle of Infrastructure

The steady political system, paired with advanced telecommunications systems and top-notch legal, financial, and corporate services, makes Mauritius an appealing jurisdiction for company incorporation and licensing. Licensing your business is paramount for legal compliance and cultivating customer trust.

Business with a Seaside Vista

Along with its accounting and legal perks, Mauritius, one of Africa’s most picturesque islands, makes every visit to the island not just profitable but also pleasurable.

Company types

Unfold new possibilities for your venture with Lawtter Solutions! We present an extensive array of choices for company registration in Mauritius:

Sole Proprietorship (Individual Entrepreneur)

The genesis for any burgeoning entrepreneur. If you are self-assured and prepared to shoulder all responsibilities, this form of incorporation is tailor-made for you! It is perfect for individual freelancers or owners of small businesses.

Domestic Company - DC (Local Company)

Aspire to integrate fully into the Mauritius business community? Then, DC is your ideal destination. Establish a store, launch a restaurant, erect a building, or provide services while immersing yourself in the local market.

Global Business Company - GBC (Global Business Company)

Ready to make your mark on the international platform? Opt for GBC and expose your business to a worldwide clientele. Africa is the perfect choice for scalable startups and sizeable corporations aiming to broaden their footprint across various regions of the world.

Authorized Company - AC

Need a branch office in Mauritius or plan to administer a company registered overseas? AC provides a simple yet effective solution. Your business will gain official authorization to operate in the country while maintaining a registered office elsewhere.

Limited Partnerships

Trust in the strength of collaboration and wish to unite towards a shared objective? Then, a limited partnership structure is your answer. In this setup, despite any unpredictable circumstances, neither you nor your partners will bear personal liability.
With Lawtter Solutions, the process of incorporating a company in Mauritius becomes a simplified and direct procedure. We will assist you in selecting the optimal form of business ownership and navigating all requisite legal steps. Be certain in your choice and embark on a new chapter of your business journey today.

Prerequisites for Incorporating a Company in Mauritius

We are pleased to assist you in comprehending the organizational and legal prerequisites for company incorporation in Mauritius:


Your choices are limitless in this regard. Any individual, barring those from sanctioned countries, can serve as a director. The minimum age requirement is 18 years. Keep in mind that for GBC and DC-type companies, a local director is obligatory.


In Mauritius, you can be the single shareholder of your private company, regardless of nationality, provided they are not from a sanctioned country. Similar to the director, the minimum age for a shareholder is also 18 years. As a foreign entrepreneur, the allure of setting up a business in a dynamic and growing economy can open up a world of untapped opportunities and potential growth.


Your Mauritius-based business must maintain an official address within the country.


Every company in Mauritius is obligated to have a distinct name, which must conclude with LTD or Limited.

Authorized Capital

The Mauritian law does not mandate a minimum share capital, allowing you greater flexibility during startup.

Local Account

If it suits your business, you may forego the need for a local account in Mauritius.

Registration Agent

It’s compulsory for every company in Mauritius to have a local registration agent.


Irrespective of the company type, all companies are required to compile and file accounts within the specified deadlines.

Taxation Structure in Mauritius

Opting for Mauritius company incorporation can serve as a strategic move, providing your business with access to a thriving, business-friendly environment coupled with enticing tax benefits. At Lawtter Solutions, we firmly believe that effective tax management is integral to a thriving business. Allow us to elucidate the intricacies of the Mauritian tax system for you:

Territorial Tax Principle

Mauritius employs the territorial taxation principle, implying that taxes are only imposed on profits generated from business activities conducted within Mauritius. If your enterprise operates beyond the country’s borders, the profits from these operations are exempt from taxation.

Income Tax

Income tax in Mauritius ranges between 0% and 15%, contingent upon your business’s specific circumstances. We can assist in discerning which rate applies to your company and ensure compliance with all requisite tax obligations.

Source Tax

No clandestine charges! Mauritius does not impose a withholding tax, significantly lightening your tax load.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

The standard VAT rate in Mauritius stands at 15%. Nonetheless, under specific conditions, this rate can be lowered to 0%. Our team can help elucidate when this is feasible and guide you through the process.
Lawtter Solutions' tax aid serves as a means to conserve both time and resources, providing your business with maximum legal safeguarding. We will ensure that your Mauritian enterprise not only prospers but also adheres to all tax stipulations fully. Financial success hinges not solely on an excellent business plan, but also on the capability to adjust to shifting economic climates. Entrust your business to seasoned professionals, and you will be gratified by the outcomes.

Financial Reporting in Mauritius

Don’t let the complexities of financial reporting overshadow your business achievements. Our specialists at Lawtter Solutions are eager to assist you in understanding the particulars of reporting in Mauritius:

Reporting Obligations

In Mauritius, every company, irrespective of tax obligations, must prepare and submit financial accounts. We are on hand to provide guidance on every detail of this procedure.

Reporting Period

Contrary to many jurisdictions, the reporting period in Mauritius does not align with the calendar year. Instead, it commences on July 1 and concludes on June 30 of the subsequent year. With our assistance, you will always stay abreast of all the deadlines.


Auditing is compulsory for all companies, except for Authorized Companies (ACs) and companies whose annual turnover does not exceed Rs 100 million. Our auditors will ensure the utmost transparency of your financial records.

VAT Reporting

The VAT report, contingent on your company’s turnover, should be filed either monthly or quarterly, within 20 days of the ensuing month. We can aid you in preparing and submitting all necessary documents punctually.
At Lawtter Solutions, we provide all-inclusive financial planning and reporting support. With our help, your business in Mauritius will be not only profitable but also entirely compliant with all legal obligations.

Procedure for Registering a Company in Mauritius

Unlocking the potential of your venture becomes a thrilling journey when you decide to proceed with the Mauritius company register process, opening doors to numerous business opportunities in this idyllic island nation. Do you dream of registering your company in the idyllic setting of Mauritius? Lawtter Solutions can make this dream a reality promptly and without any inconvenience. Here is our comprehensive offer:

Due Diligence and Verification

We undertake thorough Due Diligence and Know Your Customer (KYC) verification to confirm the legitimacy of your intent. We gather basic information and documents related to your intended business structure and operations.

Name Uniqueness Check

We verify the uniqueness and availability of your prospective company name with the Mauritius Registry of Companies, ensuring that your brand is truly distinctive!

Document Preparation

We meticulously prepare all necessary registration forms and documents for submission to the Registry. Your task is simply to provide a copy of your passport and proof of your residential address. Leave the rest to us.

Registry Submission

We submit the prepared documentation to the Registry for further processing and the recording of your company details. Bureaucracy shouldn't hinder your path to success.

Corporate Statutory Document Preparation

After the successful incorporation, we prepare all the corporate statutory documents for your newly formed company. You will have all the necessary resources at your disposal for a successful business launch.

Lawtter Solutions is your dependable partner in Mauritius. Navigating the intricacies of the Mauritius company registration cost can help you strategically allocate resources for a smooth and efficient business setup in this tropical paradise. Register with us and take your business to international heights.
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At Lawtter Solutions, we’re pleased to inform you that the Mauritius jurisdiction does not impose a specific minimum capital requirement to register a company. This flexible approach gives you the freedom to choose the initial investment that best suits your business plan and objectives.
As experts in Mauritius’ corporate laws, Lawtter Solutions can affirm that the standard corporate income tax rate in Mauritius is 15%. However, under certain conditions and specific types of income, it could be effectively reduced to 0%. We’re always ready to guide you through the specifics to determine which rate applies to your particular business situation.
At Lawtter Solutions, we believe that understanding the timeline and cost of establishing a company is crucial. The process typically takes 2-3 days, depending on the accuracy of the documents provided. As for the cost, it can vary based on the company type and additional services required, such as obtaining licenses. We strive to provide competitive prices and would be happy to discuss this in more detail based on your specific needs.
Lawtter Solutions would like to highlight that Mauritius operates on the territorial principle of taxation, meaning non-resident companies are only taxed on income sourced within Mauritius. If your business operates outside the country, the profits from those operations are not subject to Mauritian tax. This system provides a significant advantage for companies with international operations.