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Picture Malta — a beautiful island nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, where each sunset brings the promise of fresh opportunities. Malta is not merely a gem amid the ocean, but also a unique business platform. It provides a perfect blend of a robust economy, favorable tax structure, and abundant opportunities for growth. It is here, bathed in the warm light of the Mediterranean sun, that your business has the potential to spread its wings and ascend to unprecedented heights. Malta’s strong economy and strategic location in the Mediterranean attract a diverse range of investors from around the globe.
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4 500 EUR*
Term of registration
in the registry
5-7 days
5%, 35%
registration type
No personal visit
* The fees serve as informative indicators. Kindly reach out to the attorneys at Lawtter Solutions to ascertain the services encompassed within the registration fee.

However, how does one shift an entire business operation to this enchanting island, and navigate the labyrinthine maze of bureaucracy and legal intricacies?

That’s where we come in. At Lawtter Solutions, we are your dependable partner, staying abreast of modern trends and specializing in Malta company incorporation. Our primary aim is to streamline the process of registering your company, making it simple, transparent, and most importantly, swift.
With our expert team and extensive understanding of the local business landscape, dealing with governmental bodies becomes as easy and enjoyable as a leisurely walk along the beach. Begin your journey to Mediterranean success with us.

Benefits of Incorporating a Business in Malta

Tax Incentives

Malta is renowned for its appealing tax system which is a magnet for propelling businesses into the realm of high profitability. Thanks to partial tax refunds, the actual rate can be whittled down to as low as 5%.

Security of a Fortress

As a member of the European Union, Malta ensures a high degree of legal protection and political stability. Your business will be safeguarded as securely as the Maltese knights defended their island.

Gateway to Europe

Incorporating a business in Malta unveils the portal to the European Union’s market, fostering more accessible trade and collaboration with European entities.

The Island of Progress

Always abreast of the latest technological trends and sectors, Malta was one of the first countries to legalize cryptocurrencies and blockchain. This progressive outlook draws tech-oriented startups from across the globe.

Accounting Paradise

Worried about double taxation? There’s no need. Malta has enacted double taxation agreements with numerous countries.

Financial Hub

Malta is teeming with banks and financial institutions that provide a broad spectrum of services to businesses of all sizes.

Rapid Business Establishment

The process of company incorporation in Malta only takes a few days — even quicker than it took to construct a Maltese castle.

Talent Pool

Malta attracts a cadre of highly skilled professionals from around the world due to its appealing work and living conditions.

Strategic Location

Situated in the Mediterranean, Malta offers a prime platform for conducting business not only within Europe but also extends its reach to North Africa and the Middle East.
With the assistance of Lawtter Solutions, opening up a business in Malta becomes a streamlined and efficient process.

Company types

Are you contemplating starting a company in Malta, but uncertain about the type of registration that would best suit your needs? Lawtter Solutions is here to guide you to the optimal decision and provide legal support every step of the way. Here are some of the types of company registrations in Malta that we provide:

Sole Proprietorship

This is the simplest and most cost-effective way to establish a business in Malta. You will be the exclusive owner and manager of your company, taking full responsibility for its operations. This registration type is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses with a lower-risk profile. As the owner, you will have complete autonomy to steer strategic decisions and manage the company’s resources.

Private Limited Company

This is the most common and adaptable type of company registration in Malta. It allows you to set up a company with one or more shareholders, who have limited liability for its debts. This form of incorporation suits a wide array of businesses as it simplifies the process of attracting investment, protecting assets, and optimizing taxes.

Holding or Trading Company

This type of company registration in Malta empowers you to manage other companies or trade goods and services. You can establish a holding company to oversee your subsidiaries or a trading company to engage in international commerce. This kind of incorporation is suitable for those desiring to broaden their business and penetrate new markets.

Public Limited Company

This type of company registration in Malta enables you to list your shares on the stock exchange and attract public capital. You must possess a minimum share capital of €46,587 and adhere to strict disclosure regulations. This form of registration is optimal for large and stable companies with significant growth potential.

Single Partner Limited Liability Partnership

This type of company registration in Malta allows you to collaborate with other individuals to operate a joint business. You have the choice between two types of partnerships: general or limited. In a general partnership, all partners share joint and several liabilities for the company’s debts, while in a limited partnership, one or more partners have limited liability, and the others bear unlimited liability. This form of incorporation is perfect for those wishing to work together on a project or share resources.

Prerequisites for Incorporating a Company in Malta

Embark on your company formation journey in Malta with Lawtter Solutions, and relish the distinctive benefits of incorporating in this stunning nation. We are poised to aid you in actualizing your business aspirations with minimal effort and maximum efficiency. Our seasoned legal professionals will accompany you throughout the process, offering proficient advice and legal support.


Residency is not a concern — Malta imposes no residency requirements for a director registering a company. You can become a director regardless of your citizenship. All you need is a single director who has reached the legal age of adulthood.


Malta does not enforce residency restrictions for shareholders. As a citizen of any country, you can become a shareholder of a company. Again, a single shareholder of legal age is all that’s required.


Your company’s address in Malta is crucial. We can assist you in choosing and registering an office that complies with local laws.


Craft a unique identity for your company. We can help you choose the appropriate suffix for the type of company: a Private Limited Company always ends with Limited or LTD, a Partnership with LP, and a Public Limited Company with PLC.

Share Capital

Malta offers flexibility regarding the requirements for share capital payment. There is no requirement to pay the full amount upfront. For private limited companies, the minimum authorized capital is €1,164.69 (with a requirement to pay 20% upon registering the company). Public limited companies require a share capital of €46,587.47 (with a 25% payment obligation at the time of registration).

Local Account

We can guide you in opening a local bank account in Malta. However, there’s no compulsion to have a local bank account for company registration. Should you have any queries about banking services or requirements, we are ready to provide comprehensive advice to ensure the most convenient and efficient solution.

Registration Agent

Malta doesn’t necessitate a local registration agent or company secretary. We will cater to all your needs to successfully incorporate and manage your company.


Bear in mind that all companies in Malta are obliged to timely file accounts in compliance with local regulations. We can help you fulfill these requirements, ensuring the timely preparation and submission of your accounts.
Don't miss the opportunity to register a company in Malta with Lawtter Solutions. We will equip you with all the support needed to launch a prosperous business in the burgeoning Maltese market.

Taxation System in Malta

Maximize your tax benefits through Malta’s unique company taxation system with Lawtter Solutions, and minimize your tax liabilities. Malta’s progressive approach to taxation can substantially lighten the tax load on your business. The Republic of Malta is an excellent choice for business incorporation due to its beneficial tax structure and well-regulated business environment.

Income Tax — 35%

While the initial impression might make this rate appear steep, there’s more to it. Malta offers companies a rebate on taxes paid on operational profits. Leveraging this mechanism can reduce your effective tax rate to a minimal 5%, a genuine benefit for your business.

Exemption on Dividend Taxes

Malta imposes no tax on dividend payouts, which amplifies the appeal of the country for entrepreneurs. This freedom allows you to manage your dividends without the concern of additional tax obligations.

Value Added Tax (VAT) — 18%

The standard VAT rate in Malta stands at 18%, a competitive rate when juxtaposed with other countries. Furthermore, there are reduced rates of 5% or 7% for specific goods and services categories. This means you can notably decrease your tax liability when selling certain types of goods or services.
Partnering with Lawtter Solutions grants you complete access to the tax benefits offered by Malta. We will furnish you with comprehensive advice and support, enabling you to maximize your tax savings and concentrate on expanding your business. We simplify the small business registration process in Malta, ensuring a swift and hassle-free setup.

Financial Reporting in Malta

Are you seeking successful growth for your Malta-based company without unnecessary bureaucracy? Lawtter Solutions can be your reliable ally, proficient in financial reporting and tax return filing under the complex Maltese legal system. Our team comprises professional lawyers skilled in navigating the subtleties of Maltese law. We offer the following services:

Audited Financial Statements

Preparation and Filing — We provide comprehensive auditing services for companies that meet the Register criteria, which mandates audited accounts. We perform a thorough audit of your financial activities and prepare a report that satisfies all necessary requirements and standards.

Non-audited Financial Statements

Preparation and Filing — we can assist in the preparation of unaudited financial statements for eligible companies. Our team will help determine if your company meets the criteria for exemption and compile a streamlined version of the balance sheet, income statement, and notes to the financial statements.

Dormant Financial Statements

Preparation and Filing — we create financial reports for inactive, or “dormant,” companies that have seen no financial activity during the reporting period. Our team will ascertain whether you qualify for this status and produce the minimal required report.

Tax Return

Preparation and Filing — we create financial reports for inactive, or “dormant,” companies that have seen no financial activity during the reporting period. Our team will ascertain whether you qualify for this status and produce the minimal required report.
At Lawtter Solutions, we guarantee high-quality work, complete confidentiality, adherence to all deadlines, and assurance against penalties. With our expertise, your Malta-based company can operate efficiently and seamlessly. Our deep understanding of local jurisdiction allows us to ensure compliance with all laws and regulatory requirements. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation on your case.

The Process of Company Registration in Malta

Registering a company in Malta with Lawtter Solutions is a straightforward and efficient process that we undertake on your behalf. We handle all the necessary tasks so you can launch your business without any stress. Here’s how the process unfolds:

Due Diligence and KYC Verification

We will collect basic information about your business and its structure, and conduct Know Your Customer (KYC) verification with the company members. This step is to ensure the legality and security of the incorporation process.

Company Name Verification

We will conduct a search to confirm that your chosen company name is unique and available with the Registrar of Companies. This step ensures that your company name is distinctive and meets legal requirements.

Preparation of Registration Forms and Documents

We assist you in preparing all the necessary documents for filing with the Registrar of Companies. Our skilled legal team will manage this process to ensure the accuracy and promptness of the documentation.

Filing with the Registry

We will submit all the prepared documents to the Registrar of Companies for processing and recording your company details. We oversee this process and ensure its successful completion.

Preparation of Statutory Documents

We will assist you in drafting all required corporate regulations for your registered company. We ensure that these are accurate and meet legal requirements.

To establish a business in Malta with Lawtter Solutions, you will need the following documents. We stand ready to assist you in gathering and preparing all the necessary paperwork:

  • Identity Document: Submit a copy of your passport or national ID. This will serve as proof of your identity and involvement in the company.
  • Proof of Residential Address: Besides your passport, you need to provide a document that confirms your current residential address. This can be a utility bill (no older than 3 months, mobile phone bills are not accepted) or a bank statement. We guarantee the confidentiality and security of your personal data.


Working with Lawtter Solutions to incorporate a company in Malta guarantees professional handling of the entire process. We manage all the hurdles and complexities of incorporation so you can concentrate on growing your business. Put your trust in us and get in touch today.

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To open a company in Malta online, you need to follow several steps. First, prepare all necessary documents, such as the Articles of Association and agreements. Then choose an appropriate company form and register it in the national Maltese Companies Registry. After this, you’ll need to open a bank account and provide information about the company’s directors and shareholders. Submit all the required documents and pay the corresponding fees. For quick and efficient online company registration, you can turn to us and we will simplify the entire registration process.
For company registration in Malta, there are certain steps you should follow. First, prepare all the necessary documents in advance to save time. You will also need to prepare information about the company’s directors and shareholders. Reach out to us at Lawtter Solutions and we’ll register your company within the necessary timeframes, as we liaise directly with the registration authorities.
The cost of opening a company in Malta is 4500 EUR. This price may vary depending on the type of company you choose, the amount of work involved in the registration process, and any additional services you might require.