Open an Account in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the popular jurisdictions for opening bank accounts for firms that plan to operate in Asia. It is an offshore jurisdiction that offers favorable conditions for non-residents. However, to open a bank account in Hong Kong, you must know the peculiarities of this jurisdiction. It is better to entrust the work to specialists to avoid rejection. Lawtter Solutions offers clients the service of opening a bank account in Hong Kong. We provide turnkey services on favorable terms.

Service cost

1000 EUR*


1-3 months




With a personal visit

Opening an account

Basic information about opening a bank account in Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers the opportunity for both companies and individuals to open a bank account. It is especially popular for legal entities as it is an offshore jurisdiction. Non-residents can open an offshore bank account in Hong Kong and enjoy tax benefits without problems. However, it should be remembered that the register of beneficiaries in Hong Kong is open. Accordingly, to remain incognito, you will have to use the nominee service.


To open an account in Hong Kong, visiting a bank branch in person is necessary. It is impossible to open an account remotely; you must pass an interview with a financial organization. Non-resident companies in Hong Kong do not pay most of the taxes that are provided for in this jurisdiction. For this reason, it is favorable for doing business in China or other countries of the Asian region.


An important argument in favor of having a bank account in Hong Kong is the high degree of protection of funds and personal data. In terms of security, banks from this jurisdiction are among the world leaders.



Benefits of opening a bank account in Hong Kong


A bank account in Hong Kong allows you to get several important benefits. The main ones are as follows:


Developed banking sector

More than 100 banks are licensed to provide banking services. Hong Kong banks are among the leaders in terms of worldwide transactions.

Favorable conversion terms

Hong Kong banks charge a low-interest rate for transfers when converting from one currency to another.

Favorable credit policies

Interest on loans in Hong Kong is very low.

Investment opportunities

Hong Kong offers attractive conditions for bank deposits.

Developed online banking

You can conveniently manage money through mobile applications.

Active cooperation with non-residents

Financial organizations rarely refuse to open an account for non-residents if the procedure is followed and the necessary package of documents is prepared.