Open an Account in Germany

Germany boasts the largest economy in the European Union. Its high standard of living and abundant business opportunities make it an attractive destination for both individuals and companies. However, opening a bank account in Germany can be challenging for non-residents due to the country’s registration requirements. Lawtter Solutions offers a solution to this problem with its turnkey service that allows non-residents to open a bank account in Germany quickly and easily.

Service cost

1000 EUR*


1-3 months




With a personal visit

Opening an account

How to open a bank account in Germany?

Germany is a country with one of the most developed banking systems in the world. The national regulator has licensed more than 100 banks.


Individuals who have not obtained citizenship in Germany can open an account. Thus, it is possible to open a current account (Girokonto) or a savings account for deposits (Sparkonto). Before you can register, you must prove your residence in Germany. Individuals can also obtain a bank card.


As for legal entities, opening a bank account in Germany for a non-resident is also possible, but with certain conditions. In particular, opening an international subdivision in Germany will be necessary. There is a special account for non-residents, and it is necessary to document the company’s activities in Germany. A European IBAN can be obtained for such accounts.


Opening a bank account in Germany will require a personal presence, so opening one while staying abroad will not be possible. If the person who opens an account is abroad and cannot visit the country, they can use the services of mobile banks. They allow online registration and offer fairly low fees.



Advantages of opening an account in a German bank


Opening an account with a German bank allows customers to gain several important advantages. The main ones are as follows:


Respectable jurisdiction

An international company that has a German bank account can work with counterparties from any country. It provides an opportunity to trade freely in the Eurozone and cooperate with American companies or organizations from any other jurisdiction.

A wide choice of banks

You can choose banks with favorable conditions, for example, without account maintenance fees, with low fees for cash withdrawals or transfers, etc.

Multi-currency accounts

You can open an account in euros, US dollars, Swiss francs, and other currencies.

Convenient mobile banking

Banks offer modern mobile applications. Some neobanks allow you to open an account online. This will suit people who want to open a German bank account while abroad.