Open a Bank Account in UK

Great Britain is one of the friendliest countries for Ukrainians. Banks in this country willingly open accounts for individuals and legal entities from Ukraine. However, this country has its own laws and restrictions for account opening, about which you’d better know before starting the registration procedure. The Lawtter Solutions company offers its clients to open a bank account in the UK. Using our services, you will be able to get a bank account abroad on attractive terms.

Service cost

1000 EUR*


1-3 months




With a personal visit

Opening an account

What do you need to know about opening a bank account in the UK?

There are two main types of banks in the UK. Before you open a UK account, you need to know about them. So, the banks in the UK are as follows:



A universal type of bank that targets both individuals and businesses. These are large banks that are designed for large financial and investment transactions.


They are focused primarily on individuals. They are suitable for everyday payment transactions. It is easier for a foreigner to open an account in the UK in such banks because they have fewer requirements.

Great Britain is a good option for companies that wish to open an account in a foreign bank. In this country, it is possible to register offshore companies. Accordingly, a non-resident can open an account in a bank in England.


It is important to know that in the UK, it is impossible to open a bank account remotely while abroad. Every shareholder whose share is from 10% is obliged to visit the bank. The shareholder can visit the branch either in person. Or it can be done by their authorized person. An alternative to opening an account online is a payment system.