Open a Bank Account in Mauritius

Mauritius is a very little-known island state located near the African continent. At the same time, it is one of the largest offshore countries in the world. This is a very popular state for opening accounts for legal entities that want to work and conduct investment activities in Africa. Accounts are also opened by individuals who wish to obtain a residence permit or citizenship of this state. Lawtter Solutions helps clients to open a bank account in Mauritius. We provide services quickly and reliably.

Service cost

1000 EUR*


2-10 days





Opening an account

What you need to know about opening a bank account in Mauritius

Mauritius is a state where offshore companies and account fees account for a significant part of the budget. The financial regulator has issued banking licenses to more than 20 financial institutions.


Not all companies can open a corporate account in Mauritius. There are certain restrictions on the type of activity. In particular, banks will not open accounts for organizations that do business in the fields of arms trade, tobacco, medicines, timber, mining, etc.


Multicurrency accounts are available in Mauritius. The minimum account balance for registration must be $5000 in the national currency or its equivalent. Individuals can get a bank card, make payments, or withdraw cash from ATMs. Opening an account in Mauritius online without a personal presence is possible.



Benefits of opening a bank account in Mauritius


In Mauritius, a bank account allows you to get several important benefits. The main ones are as follows:


Good reputation

Although Mauritius is an offshore zone, companies from different countries are generally willing to cooperate with legal entities that have an account in this jurisdiction.

Quick opening

To get a bank account, you need to wait for a decision for 2-10 days. This is a fairly short period of time for non-residents to open an account.

SWIFT payments are available

Banks in Mauritius allow international payments through the SWIFT payment system.

Remote account opening

It is possible to open a corporate account in Mauritius remotely while being abroad. Interviews can be conducted via video call.


Mauritius has a fairly developed banking system; there is a convenient mobile banking system in many financial organizations.

Multicurrency accounts are available

You can open a bank account in Mauritius in US dollars, euros, British pounds, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, etc.