Open a Bank Account in Macedonia

North Macedonia is a fairly popular jurisdiction for opening accounts among companies wishing to enter European markets. This country is a candidate for the EU and a current member of NATO. Legal entities or individuals can open bank accounts in this country. However, the country has several requirements, and there are some peculiarities. To avoid problems, it is worth entrusting the work to professionals. Lawtter Solutions helps clients to open a bank account in Macedonia. We offer turnkey services.

Service cost

1000 EUR*


1-3 months




With a personal visit

Opening an account

Basic information about opening a bank account in Macedonia

More than 40 financial institutions are licensed to provide banking services in Macedonia. Bank accounts are available for individuals and legal entities. Individuals can open a current or investment account, to which bank deposits can be made. Deposit rates in the country are quite attractive. Individuals can also get a payment card.

Legal entities can open a bank account in Macedonia to operate in the European markets. Macedonia is an associate member, so it is possible to conduct trade activities with companies from the Eurozone from the territory of this country.

A bank account in Macedonia can be used as an offshore account. This jurisdiction is not a party to the Automatic Exchange of Information Treaty. Bank secrecy is kept in this jurisdiction, and data can be obtained only by court order. Remote account opening from abroad is impossible. You can open a Macedonian account only after visiting a branch in person.



Advantages of a bank account in Macedonia


A bank account in Macedonia allows you to obtain several important advantages. The main ones are as follows:


Respect for bank secrecy

Since Macedonia is not a party to the agreement on the automatic exchange of information, all data here is protected by bank secrecy.

Ability to conduct financial transactions with counterparties from the Eurozone

Macedonia has signed an association agreement with the EU. The country's banks work in accordance with the EU rules.

Possibility to open multi-currency accounts

Macedonian banks open accounts in Macedonian denars, US dollars, euros, etc.

Developed mobile banking

Macedonian banks are technologically advanced and offer very convenient mobile applications for account management.

It is possible to use bank safes to store securities and other valuables.