Obtaining a Gambling License in Romania

Romania is quite a popular jurisdiction for the registration of gambling companies. This country is a member of the European Union and works by its requirements and rules of gambling regulation. Therefore, casinos with a Romanian license are considered reputable and can operate worldwide. However, obtaining a gambling license in Romania involves specific nuances of legislation that are important to know. Lawtter Solutions offers clients services for obtaining a gambling license in the shortest possible time.


Advantages of Obtaining a Gambling License in Romania

Romania is quite famous for obtaining gambling licenses. The country offers several valuable advantages, including:


Legal work

Romania is a country in the European Union and operates by EU regulations. Therefore, a casino with a Romanian license can work flawlessly in almost any country.

Political and economic stability

Romania is a stable democratic state with a developing economy. Political or economic upheavals are extremely rare here.

Long validity period

Obtaining a gambling license in Romania will allow the company to operate legally for 10 years and possibly extend the license at the end of this period.

Dynamic tax rate, which increases only as income grows

Therefore, starting a gambling business from scratch in Romania is profitable.

Thanks to these advantages, Romania has attracted numerous online casinos operating legally.


Regulation of Gambling Activities in Romania

Licensing in Romania is the responsibility of the state regulator – the Gambling Commission. The body establishes rules and requirements and monitors compliance with them. Gambling in the country was legalized in 2009, and the Commission was formed in 2013. Since then, the Commission has constantly improved the legislation, making obtaining a license more transparent.

The following legal acts regulate the gambling sphere in Romania:

  • Government Act No. 77/2009 on the organization and operation of gambling;
  • Government Act No. 20/2013 on the organization and functioning of the national gambling regulator;
  • Romanian Tax Code;
  • Law No. 129/2019 on combating money laundering and criminal activities.


There are two main types of licenses in Romania. For companies that plan to provide services for players, there is a Type 1 license. Holders of this document can provide gambling services to customers. Type 2 licenses are for B2B companies that develop games or software for virtual casinos or other companies that operate in the gambling industry.


Requirements for Obtaining a Gambling License in Romania

To obtain a gambling license in Romania, you must meet numerous requirements. The first of them is the registration of the company on its territory or the territory of the European Economic Area countries. Only companies registered in Romania or the EU can get a license. It is mandatory to open an account in a Romanian bank.


In Romania, there are mandatory requirements for the authorized capital for companies that operate in the gambling business. The amount of the authorized capital depends on the list of services the gambling operator provides. The minimum is 30,000 lei ($7,500), and the maximum is 2,000,000 lei ($497,000).


There are requirements regarding servers. The main server must be in Romania or the EU countries’ territory. Mirror servers must be placed in Romania if the primary server is located in another EU country.


In Romania, casinos are obliged to pay taxes. Taxation rates and principles depend on the kind of services the company provides.

Virtual casinos and betting offices

The amount of tax is 12% of the turnover of casinos or 16% of the turnover of bookmakers. The license validity period is 10 years.

Land-based casinos and poker clubs

Here, fixed fees are paid: 15,000 EUR per 1 table for poker clubs, 30,000 EUR per 1 table for land-based casinos outside Bucharest, and 60,000 EUR per 1 table in Bucharest. A fixed fee of 3,600 EUR must be paid for each slot machine.


For each ticket-selling point, paying 7,000 EUR per year is necessary. A 3% tax is also payable on each lottery ticket sold.

Moreover, gambling companies pay 1,000 EUR annually to the budget as a solidarity payment to fight gambling addiction.


What Documents Are Required to Obtain a License?

It is necessary to prepare a package of documents to conduct gambling activities in Romania. It includes:


Application for registration.

Registration documents of the company.

Personal data of directors, shareholders.

Lease or ownership agreement for the real estate where the servers will be located.

Bank account statement with deposited authorized capital.

Certificates for gambling equipment and software.

Confirmation of the establishment of a winnings guarantee fund.

You must also pay the mandatory government fees and attach the receipts to the documents.