Obtaining a Gambling License in Curaçao

Curaçao gained real-world fame when it started issuing gambling licenses. This crown territory of the Netherlands has been issuing permits since 1996, and simultaneously, it has become the most significant center of the gambling industry. The development of online casinos and bookmakers that accept bets over the internet also contributed to this. Curaçao has clear rules for paperwork; it is vital to know them so you don’t face rejection. Lawtter Solutions law firm offers its clients services of Curaçao gambling license registration. We provide full legal support.


What Are the Advantages of a Curaçao License?

Curaçao has become the world leader in the number of gambling licenses issued because of its transparent and clear rules. The jurisdiction offers a myriad of advantages. The main ones are as follows:


Political and economic stability

Curaçao is the crown territory of the Netherlands. Economic or socio-political upheavals on the island are extremely rare.

Transparent regulatory system

Curaçao is constantly improving its gambling legislation, making obtaining a license transparent and the requirements for obtaining one clear and understandable.

Infrastructure and personnel

The gambling industry is a significant part of the economy of Curaçao. This industry is well-developed, and there is a necessary technical infrastructure. A significant part of the islanders are employed in the gambling industry, and there are plenty of specialists for hire here.

A relatively fast procedure for obtaining a license

The registration period for a casino with a Curaçao license is approximately 6 weeks. However, if the licensee submits an incomplete package of documents or makes a mistake, they must correct it and wait again for consideration.

Attractive taxation

For example, there is no corporate income tax in Curaçao.

Thus, the island of Curaçao became the world leader in issuing licenses for the gambling business.


Regulation of Gambling Activities in Curaçao

The body responsible for issuing licenses is the Curaçao Gaming Control Board. It establishes the requirements, ensures control over their compliance, and decides on issuing or refusing authorizations for gambling activities. The body has been performing its functions since 2019.


An important advantage of Curaçao is that there are no separate types of licenses here. A company can obtain a license and provide the following types of gambling services:

  • Games whose outcome is determined by a random number generator.
  • Card games.
  • Betting.
  • Lotteries, etc.


Companies can also obtain sublicenses. It allows them to provide services on a White-Label basis, i.e., to use the software and games offered by the licensee who issued the sublicense.


Requirements for Obtaining a License

Numerous critical requirements must be met to obtain a Curaçao gambling license. The first is the presence of a legal entity on the island. It is mandatory to register a company in Curaçao. The best suitable legal entity in the form of ownership is Naamloze Vennootschap or simply N.V. The abbreviation of the form of ownership must be indicated at the end of the name. A registered office and registered address are also required.


Curaçao has personnel requirements. Specifically:

  • The company must have at least one Curaçao resident director;
  • At least 3 employees must work in a Curaçao branch of the casino.


Once incorporated, companies must undergo annual strict anti-money laundering controls.


Regarding taxation, companies in Curaçao are not required to pay revenue tax. Income tax can be applied; the rate is 2%. However, numerous fees must be paid. In particular:

  • The application fee is ANG 120,000 (approximately $66,000).
  • The annual fee is ANG 36,000 (approximately $20,000) but will increase to ANG 48,000 (approximately $26,500) in 2024.
  • The monthly fee is ANG 7,000 (approximately $3,800) but will decrease to ANG 4,000 ($2,200) in 2024.


You must also pay an inspection fee of ANG 250-500 ($138-236).


What Documents Are Required to Obtain a Curaçao License?

Applicants must prepare and submit a package of documents to obtain a gambling license in Curaçao. It includes the following papers:


Original utility bill (not older than 3 months).

3 forms on the regulator's website.

Passport or other identification document.

Certificate of absence of criminal record.

Registration details of the legal entity.

Bank details.

Gaming licenses from other jurisdictions (if available).

Orders appointing directors.

Letter of recommendation from the bank.

Proof of origin of company funds.

You must also pay the mandatory registration fee and provide the appropriate document.