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Immerse yourself in the vibrant business atmosphere of Georgia, a land as fertile with opportunities as it is with its legendary vineyards. Unlock new horizons by penetrating the core of the Caucasus region with the help of Lawtter Solutions. Sakartvelo, a land where antiquated culture effortlessly weaves into the modern economic fabric, yields an extraordinary business environment. The country’s light regulatory framework, nominal taxes, and unrestricted access to the markets of CIS and EU position Georgia as a perfect choice for your business venture.
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"Business registry Georgia" signifies more than a mere key phrase — it represents a critical move that unveils a plethora of opportunities.

Our proficient team provides comprehensive support throughout every phase of the registration process. We propose the most streamlined and effective strategies to facilitate the commencement of your business in Georgia without any obstacles.
With Lawtter Solutions, your entrepreneurial visions in Georgia can evolve from mere dreams into palpable reality. We are committed to helping you surmount all hurdles and usher you into the dynamic Georgian business sector where your innovative ideas can yield the most substantial returns. Inaugurating a company in Georgia transcends beyond a procedural undertaking; it is a strategic decision instrumental in steering your business toward success.

Benefits of Establishing a Business in Georgia

Here are the key benefits of Georgia company registration that any entrepreneur will find compelling:

Speedy Business Setup

Hit the ground running. The registration process in Georgia takes a mere 5-7 days. If a swift launch is your priority, initiating a company online in Georgia presents the optimal solution. This step marks the beginning of newfound opportunities and prospects.

Reduced Tax Burden

Lower burdens, higher action. Georgia’s modest corporate taxes foster an environment conducive to growth, free from unnecessary financial constraints.

High-Speed Internet Connectivity

In this digital era, speed is of the essence. Georgia boasts one of the region’s fastest internet connections, ensuring your business stays interconnected with clients and collaborators.

Investment-Friendly Climate

Georgia, a magnet for foreign investment, provides numerous governmental incentives. Your company can stay in step with innovation.

Access to Expansive Free Trade

Broaden your global outreach. With Georgia, you gain free trade access to the EU, CIS, and numerous other countries.

Visa-Free Travel

Partners from 94 countries can travel to Georgia without the hurdle of visa restrictions. Kickstart your collaborations instantly.

Economic Stability and Progressiveness

Georgia’s consistent improvements across all sectors make it a robust and progressive business hub. Be part of this upward trajectory and ride the wave of progress.

Hassle-Free Bank Account Setup

Forget long lines and tedious procedures. Opening a bank account in Georgia is a quick and straightforward process.

Hospitality Beyond Comparison

Georgia’s world-renowned hospitality makes you feel right at home. Register your company and feel this warmth firsthand.
Each advantage listed here opens a gateway to a realm of opportunities for Georgia company incorporation. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this vibrant business landscape.

Company types

Allow our lawyers to guide you through the five primary forms of Georgia business incorporation. Our team of legal experts will ensure a swift and transparent process, providing you ample space to address your business needs. By acquainting yourself with the types of companies detailed below and engaging with our experts, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the financial implications of establishing a company.

Sole Proprietorship

If you’re an individual looking to venture into entrepreneurship, we can assist you in becoming an officially recognized Individual Enterprise. This particular form of business registration in Georgia affords you the utmost freedom and control over your venture.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

An LLC registration in Georgia provides an ideal platform for business expansion, fostering a conducive environment for consistent growth and operations. With the assistance of Lawtter Solutions, you can effectively mitigate potential risks and navigate bureaucratic hurdles.

Joint Stock Company

Should you be considering the attraction of significant investment, registering as a Joint Stock Company could be your pathway to success. We can help streamline your share capital structure and simplify the entire process.

Single Partner Limited Liability Partnership

This type of organization is apt for those intending to establish a joint venture while maintaining a certain level of protection. Lawtter Solutions will ensure your partnership is equally advantageous.

All Partners Limited Liability Partnership

If you and your partner seek parity in responsibility and control, consider this option. We will ensure that all your interests and obligations are duly acknowledged and safeguarded.
Keep in mind, selecting the appropriate form of business registration in Georgia is a critical decision on your journey toward success. Entrust this pivotal task to Lawtter Solutions - we pledge to deliver a flawless and legally secure registration process. With us, your business interests are in trusted hands.

Prerequisites for Business Registration in Georgia

Broaden your business horizons with Lawtter Solutions. We aid our clients in surmounting hurdles and streamlining the process of initiating a business in Georgia, empowering you to swiftly bring your entrepreneurial visions to life.

Director and Shareholder

We break down geographical barriers. Regardless of your citizenship, we can facilitate your journey toward becoming a director or shareholder of a company. The only prerequisites are a single individual and a minimum age of 18 years.

Registered Address

We assist in formalizing an official business address within the appropriate region of Georgia to ensure the legitimacy of your enterprise. Physical presence is not required; remote setup is a viable possibility.

Company Name

With Lawtter Solutions, your unique company name can be skilfully crafted. We’ll provide guidance on finalizing the name in accordance with the type of your company — whether it’s an LLC, JSC, GP, or LP.

Authorized Capital

Concerns about initial capital won’t trouble you, as we handle all formalities. There is no minimum requirement for authorized capital in Georgia, making the process all the more appealing and affordable.

Local Bank Account

Opening a local bank account is not a necessity if it doesn’t align with your plans. You have the liberty to decide where and how to manage your finances, with account maintenance feasible remotely.

Registration Agent and Secretary

There is no obligation to appoint a registration agent or a secretary to your team.


To ensure the legal integrity of your company, we can assist in preparing and submitting all mandatory reports in a timely manner.
If you're contemplating establishing an LLC in Georgia, reach out to the experts at Lawtter Solutions — we offer our services to simplify and expedite the registration process, thereby helping you transform your business ideas into tangible reality.

Tax System in Georgia

Enhance your understanding of tax literacy with Lawtter Solutions. We strive to guide you through the intricacies of Georgia’s tax system, highlighting the most advantageous aspects to propel your business growth:

Worldwide Tax Principle

Georgia operates on a global taxation principle, wherein income tax is not demanded until dividends are disbursed. This allows you to effectively channel your profits towards growth prior to tax payment.

Territorial Tax Principle

If your company is registered in a Virtual Zone or Free Industrial Zone, the territorial tax principle comes into play. Taxes are applicable only on income derived from Georgian counterparts, paving the way for expansive international business opportunities.

Corporate Tax

Corporate tax in Georgia is levied at 15%. However, if your company is established in a Virtual Zone or Free Industrial Zone and does not transact with local counterparts, you could be exempted from this tax.

Value-Added Tax (VAT)

VAT stands at 18% for domestic companies and is non-existent for companies registered in a Virtual Zone or Free Industrial Zone, making business operations in these zones highly appealing.

Dividend Tax

For domestic companies, the tax on dividends is 5%, while it’s non-existent for companies registered in the Virtual Zone or Free Industrial Zone. This creates lucrative opportunities for investors and business proprietors.
With Lawtter Solutions, you are guaranteed access to the most current and valuable information regarding Georgia's taxation system. Our aim is to assist you in reducing your tax liability and enhancing your profit margins.

Regulatory Reporting in Georgia

Entrust your reporting obligations to Lawtter Solutions and navigate through the intricacies with ease. We equip you with the necessary tools and insights to transform tax reporting in Georgia into a straightforward process:

Annual Financial Statements

Companies in Georgia are mandated to submit annual financial reports. Fear not, as a grace period of ten months following the end of your fiscal year is provided to prepare and submit these documents. We’re here to aid you every step of the way.

Taxation Period

The tax year in Georgia aligns with the calendar year. For newly incorporated companies, the tax period commences upon incorporation and concludes on December 31. We are committed to assisting you in devising a smart tax strategy that considers all these subtle nuances.

Audited Financial Reports

Companies that meet specific thresholds are obligated to compile audited financial reports. While this may sound daunting, with Lawtter Solutions, the journey will be seamless and devoid of any strain.

Thresholds that necessitate an audit include:

  • Total assets exceeding ₾ 50 million.
  • Annual revenues surpassing ₾ 100 million.
  • An employee count greater than 250.

Additionally, another category that warrants consideration includes:

  • Total assets ranging between ₾ 10 and ₾ 50 million.
  • Annual revenues between ₾ 20 and ₾100 million.
  • Staff count between 50 and 250.
Thanks to Georgia's liberal legislature, foreign entrepreneurs can conveniently establish and effectively manage their businesses in the country, enjoying the same opportunities and privileges as local business owners.

Regardless of your business size or asset nature, our team at Lawtter Solutions is on standby to assist with all your Georgia-based reporting requirements.

Business Incorporation Procedure in Georgia

Venturing into the seamless company incorporation process in Georgia, we at Lawtter Solutions provide an efficient, hassle-free procedure that encapsulates all the crucial stages:

Due Diligence and KYC Verification

Prioritizing your interests, we initiate the process with a comprehensive evaluation and authentication of your documents and plans. This safeguards your company's compliance with Georgian law.

Company Name Verification

We recognize the importance of your brand identity in the business landscape. Therefore, we ensure that the company name you choose is distinctive and available for your exclusive use.

Preparation of Registration Forms

Let us shoulder the burden of paperwork. We meticulously prepare all necessary forms for submission to the Registrar of Companies, enabling you to channel your energy into business growth.

Filing with the Registry

With our services, you can trust that your documents will be submitted accurately and punctually. We handle the submission of all prepared documents to the Registry for further processing.

Drafting Statutory Documents

Post your company's incorporation, we draft all mandatory corporate documents, neatly organized and ready for your perusal.

At Lawtter Solutions, we believe that your business is your passion, and aiding you in your journey toward success is ours

Reach out to us today to embark on your exciting venture into Georgia’s vibrant business environment.

To expedite the process, we’ll help you assemble all necessary paperwork with minimum stress. Here are the documents required if the director, shareholder, and beneficial owner is an individual:

  • ID: A copy of your passport or national ID will suffice for your identity validation. This is a crucial step to affirm your identity and legitimacy.
  • Proof of Residential Address: To verify your residential address, provide a document not linked to your passport or driving license. Acceptable proofs include a utility bill (not older than 3 months, mobile phone bills are not accepted), or a recent bank statement

Upon receiving the necessary documents, we will promptly start the process of registering your company in Georgia. Leave the labyrinth of paperwork and legal intricacies to us. With Lawtter Solutions, all you need to do is prepare the necessary documents and we will manage the rest. Allow us to streamline the Georgia register business process for you.

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At Lawtter Solutions, we facilitate a streamlined process for online company registration in Georgia. Initially, you need to decide on your business name and check its availability. Then, you fill out an online application providing detailed information about your business structure, director(s), and shareholder(s). The documents required include a scanned copy of the passport of each shareholder and director, as well as proof of address. Once you submit the application and make the necessary payments, we handle the rest of the registration process. This involves liaising with the Public Service Hall of Georgia to ensure the submission of all paperwork and processing of your application.
The cost of registering a company in Georgia varies based on the type and size of your business. Feel free to ask for detailed information.
Once your company registration is completed in Georgia, you will receive several official documents. These include the Certificate of Incorporation, which confirms the company’s existence; the Articles of Association, detailing the purpose of the company and its operating rules; a unique tax identification number; and confirmation of the company’s registration with the Commercial Register. Additionally, you will receive copies of any business licenses or permits required for your specific industry.
As per Georgian law, companies are generally required to submit financial statements annually. These statements should be prepared in accordance with the National Accounting Standards. For large enterprises and public-interest entities, financial statements should be prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards. Please note that submission deadlines and the specific nature of reporting can vary based on the size and type of your business.
To register a company, certain general requirements need to be fulfilled regardless of the country. Typically, these include a unique company name, a registered address, at least one director, and details of the company’s intended business activities. For Georgia specifically, you will need a scanned copy of the passport of each shareholder and director, proof of address, and information on the company’s share capital. At Lawtter Solutions, we guide you through all these requirements to ensure a smooth registration process.