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Today, your enterprise teeters on the brink of unprecedented opportunities that stem from registering a company in Estonia. This nation embodies an innovative mindset within a uniquely structured business environment. The dialogue between government and industry here is extraordinarily transparent and predictable, paving the way for a myriad of novel possibilities for the growth and evolution of your company. Furthermore, as a member of the European Union, Estonia provides access to one of the world’s most substantial markets.
of service
1 280 EUR*
Term of registration
in the registry
5-7 days
0%, 20%
registration type
No personal visit
* The fees serve as informative indicators. Kindly reach out to the attorneys at Lawtter Solutions to ascertain the services encompassed within the registration fee.

This is precisely where our team at Lawtter Solutions steps in. With our profound grasp of the regional business landscape and its intricacies, we ensure a seamless process when registering your business in Estonia.

We recognize the distinct nature of every company and hence, we propose tailor-made solutions that will integrate your enterprise into the Estonian business environment, without compromising its unique identity and values.
Engaging Lawtter Solutions for your company’s registration in Estonia is more than just fulfilling a formality. It is a strategic leap towards a prosperous and enduring future for your business. Together, we can surmount any obstacles and steer your company toward long-term success in one of the most forward-thinking nations worldwide. Entrust us with your aspirations – we are here to help bring them to fruition. Regardless of your projected turnover, Lawtter Solutions will furnish you with all the necessary tools and resources to accomplish your objectives.

Benefits of Establishing a Company in Estonia

Here are several advantages of Estonian company formation:

Digital Innovation

As a global pioneer in e-government, Estonia offers a unique platform for digital company registration. With no paperwork or waiting lines, you’re just a click away from registration.

Tax Benefits

The corporate tax system in Estonia is truly exceptional. Profits are not taxed until they are distributed, allowing your company to reinvest and grow without restriction.

Speed and Efficiency

From registering your company to decision-making and executing transactions, processes in Estonia are faster than you can imagine. The bureaucratic system operates at an impressive speed.

Crystal Clear Transparency

The Estonian e-Residency program ensures that your business operations are completely transparent and legally safeguarded, leaving no room for corruption or fraud.

European Standards

By establishing your company in Estonia, you position your business at the heart of Europe with access to the European market, adherence to EU standards, and the adoption of the Euro as your currency.

Innovation Hub

Estonia, the birthplace of tech giants like Skype and TransferWise, situates your ideas at the forefront of innovation and progress..

Environmental Haven

Known for having some of the world’s cleanest air, Estonia offers an environment where your business can thrive and simultaneously contribute to ecological sustainability.

Work-Life Balance

Estonia seamlessly blends work and leisure. The fusion of technology and nature cultivates a unique atmosphere conducive to creativity and success.
With Lawtter Solutions, you can efficiently manage a legal entity in Estonia, saving both time and effort on bureaucratic procedures.

Company types

Sole Proprietorship

Embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship becomes smooth and efficient with the streamlined Estonia company registration process and becomes significantly easier with Lawtter Solutions. We facilitate a straightforward pathway to success, eliminating unnecessary red tape and bureaucratic delays. Pursue your unique ideas and revenue generation, while we handle the rest.

Private Limited Companies in Estonia (Ltd.)

Nurture the growth of your established business in Estonia as a private limited company. With Lawtter Solutions, your operations in Estonia will impeccably align with the legal norms, laying the groundwork for stable expansion and prosperous evolution. The clear delineation between personal and corporate assets will provide you with an added layer of security.

Public Limited Companies

Founders who aspire to reach unprecedented heights can entrust their legal needs to Lawtter Solutions, facilitating the registration of a public limited company in Estonia, attracting investments, and expanding their business, all while leaving the complexities of legalities to our professionals.

General Partnership

Establish a robust business partnership in Estonia with Lawtter Solutions. Join forces, distribute responsibilities, and let us facilitate your business operations, ensuring optimal protection and comfort. We’re here to manage the legal aspects, so you can focus on contributions to your venture’s growth.

Limited Partnership

Assemble your ideal team and launch your venture in Estonia as a limited partnership. Lawtter Solutions will extend the necessary support in registration and ensuring the monetary and legal integrity of your operations.
Your triumph is our objective. With Lawtter Solutions, you can expect flawless service and professional support at every stage of the process, whether you're a non-resident establishing a company in Estonia or tackling any other task related to company registration in Estonia.

Prerequisites for Registering a Company in Estonia


Regardless of your origin, you can become a director of your own company in Estonia. Lawtter Solutions will guide you through every step, ensuring a hassle-free process. There’s no requirement for you to be an Estonian citizen, you simply need to be over 18 years old. No matter your industry, we will support you throughout the journey, ensuring your business integrates seamlessly into the Estonian economic landscape. The streamlined firm register process significantly simplifies the creation of your business, promoting a more seamless transition into entrepreneurship.


Secure a stable and prosperous future for your company in Estonia by becoming a shareholder. You need to be at least 18 years old. If more than 50% of your shareholders aren’t Estonian citizens, a local contact person will need to be appointed. Rest assured, we will assist you in finding the right individual. What’s more, Lawtter Solutions will simplify all aspects of shareholder management, allowing you to concentrate on the growth of your business.

Company Address

Your company will be officially registered in Estonia, necessitating a local address in the appropriate region – a requirement we can help fulfill.

Unique Name

Your company name will be unique, reflecting your Estonian business form, whether it be a Private Limited Company (OÜ), Public Limited Company (AS), General Partnership (TÜ), or Limited Partnership (UÜ).

Authorized Capital

You have flexibility in determining your share capital amount – it can be as nominal as 0.01 EUR. However, if it exceeds 50,000 EUR, evidence of its payment will be required. We can guide you through the process of setting up your company in Estonia, including advising on the minimum capital requirements for your chosen business structure.

Local Account

There is no strict requirement to open a local bank account. We will assist you in deciding the most suitable option based on your needs.

Registration Agent

There’s no need to hire a separate registration agent. Lawtter Solutions provides all the services you need to operate your business in Estonia.


At Lawtter Solutions, we understand the importance of social responsibility in business. That’s why we ensure that your company’s operations in Estonia comply not only with financial regulations but also contribute positively to the local community.
With Lawtter Solutions, your ambitions transform into reality. Allow us to be your trusted partner in company registration in Estonia.

Taxation in Estonia

Global Taxation Principle

Estonia broadens your horizons with its comprehensive approach to taxation. Your profits are taxed based on global income, regardless of the service location or company structure. Lawtter Solutions can assist you in capitalizing on this potential.

Deferred Income Tax

In Estonia, income tax is paid only when dividends are distributed. This deferral option allows your company to save resources and promote growth. Lawtter Solutions is prepared to assist you in planning and optimizing your taxation.

Income Tax

The level of income tax in Estonia is fixed at 20%, offering you more freedom to invest and expand your business. With Lawtter Solutions, you’ll be equipped to maximize your earnings.


The standard VAT rate in Estonia stands at 20%. However, a reduced rate of 9% is applicable to certain categories of goods and services, presenting you with additional benefits. Lawtter Solutions stands ready to assist you in finding effective business solutions.
Running a business in Estonia offers not only growth and development potential but also a flexible and efficient tax regime. Lawtter Solutions will help you to fully harness all the benefits of conducting business in Estonia. Together, we can build your success.

Filing Reports in Estonia

Annual Financial Reports

Maintain your business compliance by submitting the requisite annual financial reports. With the assistance of Lawtter Solutions, you can adeptly prepare and file these reports with the Commercial Registry in a timely manner.

Calendar Year as Financial Year

Stay attuned to your business operations by recognizing that the fiscal year aligns with the calendar year. Lawtter Solutions can assist you in maintaining your records with this timeline in mind.


For companies that meet specific financial thresholds, an audit is crucial. If your company surpasses two threshold criteria – a sales revenue of 4,000,000 EUR, assets worth 2,000,000 EUR or more, and a staff of 50 employees or more – Lawtter Solutions will equip you with all the necessary resources for a successful audit.
Doing business in Estonia with Lawtter Solutions means embracing transparency and understanding all facets of your business operations. Our team of experts will guide you at every step of your financial journey, helping you stay on track and establish a successful, sustainable company.

The Process of Company Registration in Estonia

Verification and Authentication

Our initial step involves Due Diligence and Know Your Customer (KYC) verification. We conduct a comprehensive review of your proposed business and company structure, ensuring all your documents are in place and ready for verification.

Confirming Company Name Uniqueness

Your brand is your public face; hence, we verify that your company name is distinct and available for registration with the Registrar of Companies.

Preparation of Registration Forms

We meticulously prepare all the necessary documents and forms for registration with the Registrar of Companies. With us, you can leave the minutiae behind – we handle it all.

Filing of Documents with the Registrar of Companies

We submit all the prepared documents to the Registrar for further processing. Our team will keep you updated at every step of the process.

Preparation of Corporate Constitutional Documents

Once your company has been successfully incorporated, we manage the preparation of all necessary corporate statutory documents, equipping you with everything you need to hit the ground running.

With Lawtter Solutions, the process of registering a company in Estonia is streamlined and straightforward

We attend to every detail, allowing you to focus on your business without the added distractions. Leave the technical aspects of registration to us and embark on your journey to success today.


Here is a list of the required documents to help you navigate the process with ease:

  • Identity Document: A document verifying your identity is necessary. This could be a copy of your passport or national ID card. Our team will ensure all your documents meet the criteria for smooth registration.
  • Proof of Residential Address: We will also need a separate proof of your residential address aside from your passport or driver’s license. Acceptable proof can be utility bills no older than three months (cell phone bills are not accepted), or bank statements. We’ll ensure all your documents are processed correctly and prepared for submission.


By entrusting the task of establishing a company in Estonia to Lawtter Solutions, you absolve yourself of the need to navigate the process details. Our team of experts will do it all for you, guaranteeing a smooth and hassle-free registration. Embark on your business journey in Estonia today with Lawtter Solutions.

Question — answer


At Lawtter Solutions, we streamline the process of company registration in Estonia through our comprehensive online services. The first step is to obtain an e-residency card, which can be applied for through the official Estonian government portal. After receiving the e-residency card, you can then use our platform to complete the registration. We will guide you to submit the necessary documents, create a company name, define the company’s structure and share capital, and prepare the Articles of Association. After this, you can submit the application to the Estonian Business Register and, upon approval, your company will be officially registered.
To form a company in Estonia with Lawtter Solutions, you need to provide some crucial pieces of information. These include your proposed company name, the business activity details, and the share capital information. Additionally, you need to provide the details of the board members and shareholders, including their names, addresses, and identification details. Lastly, you need to present a registered Estonian address where the company’s legal correspondence can be sent.
At Lawtter Solutions, we strive to provide our services at competitive prices. The cost to open an Estonian company can vary depending on the specific requirements of your business. We recommend contacting us directly for a more detailed quote based on your specific needs.
To register a company in Estonia online, you will need e-Resident status. First, you should apply for e-Residency on the official website of the program. Once you receive the e-Resident package, you will be able to register your company online through the Business Registration Portal. It is necessary to fill out the form, attach all required documents and pay the state fee. In order to go through all the above procedures correctly and save time, contact us at Lawtter Solutions. We have been registering companies in Estonia for 8 years and we know all the pitfalls of registration.