Opening a bank account in Switzerland

Switzerland is the country with the most developed banking system in the world. That is why many people seek to open an account here. Individuals may need a bank account in Switzerland to obtain residence permits or citizenship, buy real estate, or invest in a ready-made business. Foreign companies open accounts in Swiss banks in order to operate in the European markets. Lawtter Solutions offers clients bank account registration in Switzerland. We ensure the fastest possible account opening with minimal client involvement.
The cost
of the service

1 500 EUR*

Term for opening
a bank account
1-3 months

opening type
With personal visit
* The cost is indicative; contact Lawtter Solutions’ lawyers to inquire about the cost of opening an account with the selected bank.
Opening an account

Basic information

More than 200 banks, including both local and branches of foreign companies, have obtained a license for financial activity in Switzerland. Both residents and non-residents can register a bank account in this country. Moreover, offshore accounts can be opened for legal entities. Switzerland offers quite favorable conditions for this.

Individuals can open different types of accounts – current, investment, and savings accounts. It is also possible to obtain a bank card. Before depositing money in a Swiss bank, it is absolutely necessary to undergo a verification procedure. You can do this only in person. If you are abroad, then you will not be able to pass the identification procedure. From abroad, you can only submit documents.

Another popular question is whether opening a Swiss account for a Ukrainian is possible. The answer is yes, you can do it. However, there may be difficulties with verification, as it requires personal presence in one of the bank branches.

Certain difficulties are also present when working with Swiss banks. First, there is a long verification procedure, as banks carefully monitor their reputation and the safety of funds. There are also account balance requirements, and they can be very high in some banks.

Advantages of opening an account in Switzerland

Many people and companies wish to open a Swiss bank account because of this jurisdiction’s advantages. They are as follows:

Impeccable reputation

There is no jurisdiction with a better reputation than Switzerland. With a bank account opened in this country, there will be no problems when settling accounts with counterparties from any country in the world.


Switzerland is one of the most stable countries in the world in terms of politics and economy. Shocks in this country are extremely rare, and banks are stable.

Possibility to open multi-currency accounts

Clients can open an account in Switzerland for settlements in Swiss francs, euros, US dollars, and other currencies.

Strict observance of banking secrecy

Swiss banks care about their reputation, and the risks of disclosure of banking secrets by a Swiss financial institution are minimal.

High level of service

Banking in Switzerland is one of the most technologically advanced in the world, so it is very convenient to manage accounts. Many transactions can be carried out online.

Documents for opening bank accounts in Switzerland

In order to register an account with a Swiss bank, a package of documents must be submitted.

For individuals, it includes:

  • ID card, internal or international passport, residence permit;
  • Taxpayer Identification Number;
  • Proof of residence address – registration document;
  • Confirmation of origin of funds;
  • Resume (CV).

As for legal entities, the list of documents will be as follows:

  • Constituent documents of the company;
  • ID of the director and shareholders (and the managing director, if any);
  • Proof of residential address of the director and shareholders (and the managing director, if any);
  • A power of attorney issued by the director (if the documents are filed by the account manager);
  • Confirmation of origin of funds;
  • Contracts with partners.
The list of documents is indicative. The exact list will be determined based on the requirements of the selected bank in Switzerland.
Stages of opening an account

Opening a bank account with Lawtter Solutions

Lawtter Solutions offers the opportunity to open a bank account in Swiss francs and other currencies. We carry out account openings in popular banks in the country, such as:

  • Credit Suisse;
  • Raiffeisen Bank;
  • CIM Banque;
  • EFG Bank AG;
  • AP Anlage&Privatbank;
  • UBS, etc.


As part of the consultation, Lawtter Solutions specialists will prepare an answer to the question of how much it costs to open a Swiss bank account and will tell you in detail what is required for this. The step-by-step procedure for opening an account is as follows:

Choosing the right bank

Preparing a package of documents

Filing the request


Obtaining all the necessary documents and bank account details

Lawtter Solutions will register with a Swiss bank as soon as possible and ensure that clients receive the services they need.