Opening a bank account in Belgium

Opening a bank account online in Belgium opens the door to a realm of boundless possibilities and financial assurance. With its cultural opulence and robust economy, Belgium emerges as the perfect environment for shaping any financial plan. We provide more than just assistance in opening and managing a bank account — we unlock access to exclusive services and business prospects within this European nation. Maximize your financial potential by selecting a Belgian bank in Brussels or any other city in this country.
The cost
of the service

1 500 EUR*

Term for opening
a bank account
1-3 months

opening type
Without a personal visit
* The cost is indicative; contact Lawtter Solutions’ lawyers to inquire about the cost of opening an account with the selected bank.
Opening an account

Advantages of opening an account in Belgium

Geographical Location and EU Status

Belgium, as a member of the European Union, provides businesses with a strategically advantageous geographical location and entry points to European markets.

Banking and Financial Center of Europe

As the largest banking and financial hub in Europe, Belgium boasts a presence of over one hundred banks, including foreign institutions.

Flexible Account Management

Enjoy the convenience of managing bank accounts from anywhere, supported by online services prioritizing customer ease and accessibility.

Government Support for Business

Belgium’s government actively encourages and supports businesses through incentives and subsidies, catering to both citizens and non-residents.

Diversity of Financial Options

Most banks in Belgium offer a broad spectrum of financial options tailored for non-residents, granting access to a diverse range of banking services.

Economic and Political Stability

Belgium stands out for its stability in both economic and political spheres, a crucial factor contributing to the long-term sustainability of businesses.

Our Assistance

Count on the expertise of our professionals to guide you in selecting the right bank, navigating the entire account opening process, and ensuring a smooth and successful launch for your business in Belgium.

Open a bank account in Belgium: documents needed


  • ID or Passport:
    Submit a copy of your ID or passport to authenticate your identity, serving as a foundational step for the account opening process.
  • Proof of Residential Address:
    Furnish evidence of your current residential address to provide the bank with essential details about your location.
  • Documents Demonstrating Financial Security:
    Validate your financial stability by presenting pertinent documents, such as bank statements or other financial records.
  • Resume (CV):
    Your CV serves as a crucial component, showcasing your professional experience and stability, which can be a significant consideration for certain banks.


Please note that the list of required documents may be subject to augmentation based on the chosen bank or during the compliance review. Rest assured, our team is committed to providing comprehensive support in preparing all necessary documents, ensuring a streamlined and efficient account opening experience for you.


  • Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Association, and Related Legal Documents:
    Inclusion of essential company documents confirming the legal standing and structure of the company.
  • Confirmation of Director/Shareholder Identity:
    Submission of a copy of the identity card or passport of the director or shareholder, establishing the identity of key individuals within the company.
  • Proof of Identity for the Account Holder:
    In cases where the account steward differs from the director, submission of proof of their identity is mandatory for effective account management.
  • Proof of Residence Address for Director/Shareholder/Account Steward:
    Submission of documents validating the current residential address of key individuals associated with the company.
  • Power of Attorney Issued by the Director to the Account Manager:
    A documented confirmation of a power of attorney granted by a company director to the designated account holder.
  • Agreements with Partners:
    Provision of agreements with partners, offering insights into the business activities and potential of the company.
  • Documents Demonstrating the Financial Security of the Owner:
    Inclusion of account statements, financial statements, or other documents substantiating the financial stability of the company owner.


Please note that the list of required documents may be subject to augmentation based on the selected bank or during the compliance review. Collaborating with our team ensures professional assistance at every stage of the corporate opening of a bank account in Belgium.

Stages of opening an account

Stages of opening an account in Belize

Selecting a Bank in Belgium

Our team of experts is dedicated to assisting you in choosing the ideal bank tailored to your specific needs and business strategy, taking into consideration the unique characteristics of each financial institution.

Document Preparation

We will furnish you with a comprehensive list of required documents and diligently prepare all necessary materials, encompassing both company and personal documents of key individuals.

Application Submission

Count on our experts to guide you through the completion and submission of your application to the chosen bank, ensuring accuracy and completeness in the information provided.

Verification Process Facilitation

We proactively collaborate with banks to streamline the verification process. We closely monitor the progress of verification and promptly address any requests from the bank.

Access and Details Acquisition

Upon successful completion of verification and approval of your application, Lawtter Solutions ensures the prompt provision of accesses and details for your newly established bank account.

It’s crucial to note that most Belgian banks typically require a passport, Belgian ID card, and proof of residence during the account opening process. Upon the conclusion of the registration process, we take the necessary steps to ensure that your bank card is either issued to you in person or dispatched to the provided address. If you have any inquiries regarding the requirements or procedures for opening up a bank account in Belgium, our team is here to provide clear and concise guidance.

Popular banks in Belgium

  • Argenta Bank
  • BNP Paribas Fortis
  • ING Bank
  • KBC Bank
  • Belfius Bank
  • AXA Bank
  • Beobank
  • Santander
  • Keytrade Bank

To expedite the account opening process in Belgium and initiate successful financial management, simply reach out to us. Our expertise extends beyond offering detailed advice on account opening. We also guide you toward the best options for your business. Drawing on our extensive experience in immigration and banking services, we ensure effective interactions with Belgian banks. Additionally, we can provide valuable insights into the question: can a foreigner open a bank account in Belgium?

Furthermore, we provide insights into debit/credit card options with Belgian banks. Our experts simplify the process, granting you access to additional financial tools for convenient and efficient business operations.