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Immerse yourself in the economic elixir of Central Asia, the distinctive nation of Kazakhstan, by launching your innovative business venture. With its rich tapestry of possibilities, robust economic landscape, and warm-hearted business fraternity, this expansive region unfurls the red carpet to revolutionary concepts and avant-garde ventures.
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Harnessing the full potential of this illustrious terrain requires a seasoned navigator well-versed in the business topography of Kazakhstan.

Here is where Lawtter Solutions steps in as your trusted ally. Our assistance goes beyond mere company registration in Kazakhstan. We highlight the process, streamlining bureaucratic red tape, optimizing your time, and mitigating potential stumbling blocks.
Additionally, our team possesses a profound comprehension of the nuances of the Kazakh market. We stand ready to impart our knowledge and experience, paving the way for your enterprise to thrive in this tremendously appealing nation. Entrust your business registration in Kazakhstan to Lawtter Solutions, and together, we will construct a launchpad for your global ascension.

The Benefits of Establishing a Business in Kazakhstan

Starting a business in Kazakhstan offers a plethora of benefits:

The Peak of Prospects

Kazakhstan is a nation where innovation interlaces seamlessly with tradition, revealing boundless commercial opportunities.

World's Nexus

The country is strategically positioned at the intersection of Europe and Asia, providing seamless access to both vibrant markets.

Treasure Trove of Resources

Kazakhstan’s bountiful natural reserves, particularly oil, and gas, make it a lucrative hub for energy businesses.

Tandem with Transformation

The government is proactively spearheading reforms aimed at enhancing the business climate and minimizing bureaucratic hurdles.

Innovation Incubator

Kazakhstan ardently fosters scientific and technological innovation, laying a fertile ground for startups and tech-centric corporations.

Bulwark of Stability

Kazakhstan stands as a beacon of political stability in the region, ensuring secure and reliable investment opportunities.

Tax Haven

The country boasts comparatively low tax rates and attractive tax incentives for foreign investors.

Gateway to the Eurasian Union

As a member of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), Kazakhstan offers direct access to a consumer market exceeding 180 million people.

Embrace of Hospitality

Kazakhstan is renowned for its cordial hospitality, and your business will receive the same warm embrace in this welcoming nation.

Company types

Looking to inaugurate a business in Kazakhstan? Equip yourself with the knowledge of the main business entities within this country:

Solo Entrepreneur

Are you brimming with a distinct idea and primed for a dynamic enterprise? We are here to assist you in establishing your status as a solo entrepreneur, aid you in selecting the most advantageous taxation system, and offer astute advice on managing your enterprise. You’ll retain comprehensive control over all facets of your business and its legal responsibilities.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Do you wish to amalgamate your strengths with fellow entrepreneurs? Establishing an LLP in Kazakhstan could be your optimal choice. We are prepared to assist in forming an LLP, where each partner contributes and is held liable only up to their individual contribution. As your legal fortress, Lawtter Solutions imparts maximum security, cultivating confidence in your future.

Joint Stock Company (JSC)

Is it your aspiration to evolve into a large corporation with publicly traded shares? We are equipped to support you in the incorporation of a Joint Stock Company, ensuring compliance with all statutory prerequisites, and extend legal support thereafter. With Lawtter Solutions, you are poised to scale unparalleled heights.
At Lawtter Solutions, your business ambitions are transformed into tangible reality. Irrespective of your business size or nature, we provide legal strategies aimed at amplifying your success. With us, you can rest assured of robust legal protection, allowing you to concentrate on the heart of the matter - your business. Don't hesitate to join us and together we will charter unexplored territories.

Prerequisites for Establishing a Company in Kazakhstan


Regardless of your citizenship, whether local or foreign, Lawtter Solutions welcomes everyone aiming to realize their ambitions in Kazakhstan. Your passport doesn’t confine your entrepreneurial aspirations. Anyone, regardless of nationality, can assume the role of a company director in Kazakhstan. The only prerequisites are that you should be above 18 years of age and not be listed on any sanctions lists. We are here to assist you in becoming that crucial link in your business chain.


Neither age nor nationality can impede your journey to becoming a shareholder. If you are over 18 years of age and not on any sanctions lists, Lawtter Solutions stands ready to help you establish a business.

Local Address presence

Your company is required to have a physical address within Kazakhstan. But fret not, Lawtter Solutions is at hand to help you find a suitable location that mirrors your business persona.

Distinctive Name

Provided that your business name is both unique and reflective of your operations, with Lawtter Solutions, we ensure that your name stands out and also epitomizes your brand effectively.

Authorized Capital

We are ready to assist you in determining the required authorized capital based on your company type and intended business activities, ensuring it is contributed by the legal deadline.

Local Account

While opening a local bank account isn’t mandatory, if needed, we can facilitate that process. Notably, having an additional local account can bolster your business’s credibility.

Registration Agent and Registrar

A registration agent or a company secretary isn’t necessary, and we are here to guide you through the process to ensure all your documentation is in order.


We will oversee the timely preparation and submission of your reports, ensuring your business operations proceed seamlessly.
Knowledge is power, and at Lawtter Solutions, we are dedicated to equipping you with everything you need to manage your business effectively. We endeavor to make your business procedures uncomplicated and straightforward. Our role is to help you transform your company into a thriving enterprise.

Tax Structure in Kazakhstan

The tax framework of Kazakhstan is more than just a complex labyrinth; it is a nuanced art form that Lawtter Solutions has mastered like no other. It requires substantial time to fathom all the intricacies of Kazakhstan’s tax legislation. Allow our experts to shoulder this responsibility, enabling you to operate transparently and without apprehension regarding your enterprise’s future. There are three primary forms of taxation:

Worldwide Taxation

Kazakhstan operates under the principle of worldwide taxation. This implies that your company’s profits are taxed irrespective of where the services are delivered, the identity of the counterparties, or the company’s structure. However, we can assist you in managing your tax obligations effectively anywhere in the world.

Income Tax

Our team of professionals is equipped to help you navigate the 20% income tax. We can aid in minimizing your tax risks and optimizing your tax liability.


Don’t allow the 12% VAT to hinder your success. We can help you comprehend and manage your VAT obligations, allowing you to concentrate on scaling your business.
Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned businessperson, Lawtter Solutions simplifies the taxation process for you. We can assist you not just in understanding your obligations, but also in leveraging them for your benefit within the convention of the tax legislation. Harnessing all opportunities can provide a unique competitive edge in your business niche.

In registering an LLC in Kazakhstan, we extend a comprehensive suite of services, inclusive of tax consultation. This enables your business to operate effectively, ensuring full compliance with the country's laws.

Financial Reporting in Kazakhstan

If you’re considering establishing a company in Kazakhstan, Lawtter Solutions is here not just to streamline and demystify the process, but also to clarify the intricacies of Kazakhstani financial reporting, equipping you to run your business with confidence.

Precision and Timeliness

Annual financial reports transcend mere formalities; they are the cornerstone of comprehending your business’s health. Lawtter Solutions can assist in preparing and filing your reports punctually, no later than April 30th each year, granting you peace of mind with your paperwork in perfect order.

Tax Period Accounting

The tax year in Kazakhstan extends from January 1st to December 31st. Your tax returns must be filed by March 31st of the subsequent year. Rest assured our team will ensure that all your documents are prepared and submitted on schedule.


Unsure whether you require an audit? Lawtter Solutions can guide you through these nuances. An audit becomes mandatory if your LLP comprises less than 10% founders, has more than 250 employees, or if the average annual revenue surpasses 3,000,000 MCI. Our team of professionals will facilitate this procedure without any fuss or anxiety.
Bid adieu to paperwork and the complexities of tax legislation. Join forces with Lawtter Solutions, and transfer the entire responsibility to our dependable shoulders. We're here to manage every aspect of your tax accounting and reporting. Together, we'll build a successful, transparent, and trustworthy business.

Business Formation Procedure in Kazakhstan

Initiation with Due Diligence and KYC Verification

The inception of the company incorporation process is not with documents but with an in-depth comprehension of your proposed business model and structure. Lawtter Solutions extracts essential information to assure complete adherence to regulatory norms. We also conduct meticulous KYC verification of all company participants to assure complete transparency and security.

Choosing a Unique Company Name

Your distinctiveness commences with the name of your company. We conduct a thorough check for the uniqueness and availability of your chosen name with the Registrar of Companies, ensuring that your brand stands apart.

Meticulous Document Preparation

With Lawtter Solutions, the process of preparing registration forms and collating necessary documents for submission to the Registrar of Companies becomes a seamless task. Our proficient team ensures the precision of every document to expedite the registration process.

Submission of Documents

Beyond just document preparation, we also handle their submission to the Registrar of Companies for further processing and formalization of your company details. We take charge of the nitty-gritty, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Completion with Ready-to-Use Statutory Instruments

After the incorporation of your company, we generate all essential corporate statutory documents, providing you with a comprehensive set of documents, ready-to-use, and compliant with all regulatory requirements.

Hand over the intricate task of registering your company in Kazakhstan to the experts at Lawtter Solutions.

We will transform your business idea into a successful, legally operating company. Kazakhstan’s business prospects are wide open for you, and Lawtter Solutions will facilitate their realization. Our professional approach simplifies and streamlines each step of the company registration process.

Required Documents for Registration:

  • Identity Proof: Lawtter Solutions accepts photocopies of foreign passports or national identity documents as valid proof of identity. The process is straightforward and convenient.

  • Proof of Residence: We respect the privacy of your personal information and make the process easier. We accept recent utility bills (not older than 3 months) or bank statements as valid proof of residential address. Please note that mobile phone bills are not acceptable.

Whether you aim to broaden your existing business horizons or are embarking on your entrepreneurial journey, Lawtter Solutions stands ready to assist you with all the necessary documentation for new company registration in Kazakhstan. We transform complex procedures into simple solutions. With Lawtter Solutions, your company’s compliance is assured.

Question — answer


Absolutely, a foreigner can start a business in Kazakhstan. As per the laws of Kazakhstan, there are no nationality restrictions for starting a business. Foreign nationals can either own 100% of the company shares or can have local partners. At Lawtter Solutions, we assist with the entire process, ensuring that all legal requirements are met to set up your business in Kazakhstan, regardless of your nationality.
The cost to register a company in Kazakhstan varies based on several factors including the type of business, the required legal procedures, and other service fees. At Lawtter Solutions, we offer comprehensive packages that are cost-effective and tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Opening a firm in Kazakhstan online is possible and relatively straightforward. At Lawtter Solutions, we’ve digitalized the process to make it easier for our clients. Our online services include consulting, preparing all the necessary documents, submitting them to the relevant authorities, and tracking the registration process. You just need to provide us with the necessary information and documents, and we handle the rest, keeping you updated throughout the process. This allows you to set up your business in Kazakhstan without needing to be physically present.