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Hong Kong offers more than just breathtaking city views, rich culture, and a dynamic community. This distinctive city stands as one of the world’s premier financial hubs, presenting boundless business opportunities. As an entrepreneur, you’re likely aware that establishing a successful company necessitates a comprehensive grasp of local laws, regulations, and cultural nuances.
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* The fees serve as informative indicators. Kindly reach out to the attorneys at Lawtter Solutions to ascertain the services encompassed within the registration fee.

While Hong Kong might seem daunting for newcomers, with the right guide, the journey is smooth.

If you’re looking to expand your global footprint, it might be a good idea to register a company in Hong Kong. At Lawtter Solutions, we simplify the process for you. Our team of experts possesses the insight and tools needed to seamlessly incorporate your business. Delegate the complexities of registration to the seasoned professionals at Lawtter Solutions and keep your focus on strategically expanding your venture.

Benefits of Establishing a Company in Hong Kong

International Prestige

Hong Kong consistently ranks high in global assessments of economic freedom.

Competitive Taxation

A straightforward and transparent tax system with attractive rates.

Effortless Setup

The company registration process is swift and devoid of red tape.

Robust Intellectual Property Rights

Rigorous IP laws and regulations in place.

Status as a Global Financial Hub

A comprehensive array of bilateral investment agreements.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Exceptional transport connections, cutting-edge office spaces, and advanced technology.

Open Trade

Unrestricted international and domestic commerce.

Flexible Exchange System

Absence of capital controls.

Elite Professional Network

Direct access to premier professionals and consultants.

Common Law Foundation

A dependable legal framework grounded in English common law.
Hong Kong is more than just a metropolis of towering buildings — it’s a global business springboard poised to elevate your enterprise to unparalleled success. The incorporation of a company is a crucial step for entrepreneurs aiming to establish a legal business entity.

Company types

Sole Proprietorship

The perfect launchpad for individual innovators! If you’re an ambitious entrepreneur seeking a straightforward way to initiate your business, this is your go-to option!

Private Limited Companies by Shares

Design a company tailored to your needs! With a private limited liability backed by shares, you can concentrate on expanding your enterprise with the confidence that your assets are protected.

Public Limited Companies by Shares

Thinking of elevating your business game? Attract investments by going public, inviting a diverse pool of investors to join your journey.

Company Limited by Guarantee Without Share Capital

A structure designed for entities prioritizing stability and adaptability without the involvement of share capital. It’s an excellent choice for charities, clubs, and associations.


Two heads are often better than one! Collaborate and let your venture flourish alongside others. It’s the ideal choice for those who cherish mutual opportunities and are committed to achieving collective success.

Prerequisites for Company Incorporation in Hong Kong


Diverse options await! Regardless of your nationality, you can become a director. The only prerequisites are that you must be at least 18 years old and not hail from a country under sanctions. Remember, even a single director is sufficient to commence!


As a shareholder, witness the world evolving around you! Similar to directors, you can become a shareholder irrespective of your country of origin, except for those under sanctions. Begin this journey once you reach 18.


Envision your enterprise at the epicenter of Asia! Your address is more than just a location; it represents your company’s identity. Establish it in one of Hong Kong’s regions to broadcast your robust presence.


Your company’s name is its identity. Ensure it’s distinctive and conclude it with “Ltd” or “Limited” to protect your enterprise’s professionalism.

Share Capital

Initiate your investment with as little as HK$1. You read that correctly — commence your venture with a modest seed!

Local Account

Experience banking on your terms! There’s no mandatory requirement to establish a local account. The choice is yours!

Enrollment Agent

Sleep easy knowing a local secretary, mandated by Hong Kong law, has your back.


Uphold your esteemed reputation and your partners’ trust. Rely on our team to assist in drafting and submitting your audited reports punctually.
Registering a business requires careful attention to detail and adherence to local regulations. With Lawtter Solutions, kickstarting your business in Hong Kong has never been more straightforward and trustworthy! Embark on your prosperous business journey with us!

Taxation System in Hong Kong

Territorial Taxation

Hong Kong offers a distinct advantage with its territorial tax system. You’re only taxed on income generated within its boundaries, eliminating the intricacies of global taxation.

Income Tax

The standard rate stands at a mere 16.5%. But there’s even better news! For income up to HKD 2,000,000 (approximately USD 250,000), you’ll benefit from a halved rate of 8.25%. It’s an ideal provision for emerging startups and budding enterprises.
VAT? Rest easy, as Hong Kong doesn't impose this. It paves the way for more avenues to reinvest and expand your venture.
With its business-friendly environment, Hong Kong company formation is a popular choice among international investors. The Hong Kong government offers various incentives and support to foreign entrepreneurs aiming to establish their businesses in the region. With Lawtter Solutions by your side, navigate Hong Kong's tax landscape easily. We're committed to helping you optimize your earnings, reduce tax liabilities, and run your enterprise with peace of mind.

Financial Reporting in Hong Kong

Audited Accounts

Every company in Hong Kong must adhere to the mandate of preparing audited financial statements. However, if your company is dormant or newly incorporated without having initiated operations, you can simplify your documentation process.

Dormant Companies

If your company falls into this category, you can breathe easier. Simply file your tax returns to maintain compliance and you’re all set.

Reporting Frequency

Your inaugural financial period begins at the point of company registration and can extend for up to 18 months. The best part? You have the autonomy to determine its duration! Subsequent reporting periods? Precisely 12 months each! Many business professionals prefer to register a company in Hong Kong due to its advantageous tax system and strategic location. With Lawtter Solutions at the helm, your Hong Kong company’s reporting becomes a hassle-free affair. Entrust the intricacies to us and channel your energies toward your business’s growth.

Process of Company Incorporation in Hong Kong

The HK company registry offers comprehensive guidance and support to ensure a smooth registration process for all types of businesses.

Assured Validation

Our team rigorously conducts Due Diligence and KYC verifications before initiating any process. We're deeply committed to upholding your impeccable reputation and leveraging our expertise to streamline the procedure.

Distinctive Identity

In collaboration, we'll assess the uniqueness and availability of your prospective company's name within the Registry.


Entrust it to us! We will meticulously draft all necessary registration paperwork and gather the requisite documents, ensuring every detail aligns with the Registry's stipulations.

Swift Processing

We promise prompt and effective completion and submission of your documents to the Registry for review.

The Culminating Step

Upon registration, you'll receive the corporate by-laws of your new company, expertly crafted by our team.

Ready to Begin?


For individuals aspiring to be a director, shareholder, or beneficial owner:

  • Proof of Identity: A photocopy of your international or domestic passport.
  • Proof of Address:: A utility bill (dated within the last 3 months) or a bank statement.Note: Mobile phone bills aren’t acceptable.


Before starting your venture, ensure all your documents are certified to streamline the company formation process in Hong Kong. To successfully navigate the company registration procedure in Hong Kong, one must be equipped with accurate and up-to-date information. With Lawtter Solutions by your side, you’ll join the global business arena sooner than you anticipate. Embark on your journey today.

Question — answer 


Absolutely! Foreigners are permitted to set up a company in Hong Kong, as there are no legal constraints on company ownership.
To register a company in Hong Kong, one must have a minimum of one director, one shareholder, and a registered address within Hong Kong. The director need not be a Hong Kong resident.
Indeed, regardless of whether your company functions exclusively outside of Hong Kong, an annual accounting and auditing report must still be filed.
No, there is no need for a personal presence in Hong Kong during the registration process. All steps can be executed remotely.
For a detailed breakdown of the costs related to company incorporation in Hong Kong, please reach out to our manager. They will provide guidance on any inquiries you may have.
Yes, it’s a requirement for every Hong Kong company to designate a corporate secretary. This secretary could be an individual or a corporate entity based or incorporated in Hong Kong.
Incorporating a company in Hong Kong typically takes between five to seven days, contingent on specific conditions.
To facilitate the online registration of a company in Hong Kong, connect with Lawtter Solutions. We will delve into all specifics and guide you through the incorporation process.
Hong Kong levies a corporate income tax, generally around 16.5%. It’s pertinent to highlight that income generated outside Hong Kong might be tax-exempt, subject to particular conditions.