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Begin a new chapter in the history of your business in Curacao, a jurisdiction offering boundless opportunities within a welcoming business climate. Picture the stunning backdrop of the Caribbean Sea, with your prospering company nestled nearby, safeguarded by robust legal protections. Here, where the warm sea meets an inviting atmosphere, your ambitions are transformed into reality.
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8 400 EUR*
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in the registry
5-7 days
0%, 2%, 22%
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No personal visit
* The fees serve as informative indicators. Kindly reach out to the attorneys at Lawtter Solutions to ascertain the services encompassed within the registration fee.

Registering a company in Curacao is far more than a mere formality.

It represents a move towards a heightened level of anonymity that preserves your privacy. It charts a course towards a tax system that is designed to be your ally, rather than a hindrance to your success. In a world rife with surprises, the political and economic stability of Curacao stands as a pillar of peace of mind and confidence in your future.
Curacao company register means unlocking expansive horizons for your business and integrating it into the global economy. The government of Curacao cultivates a stable and trustworthy legal environment for investors.

Offshore in Curacao: Why is Registering Profitable?

The business conditions in Curacao’s offshore zone are appealing due to their advantages and transparency. Here are some of the key benefits:


A high level of privacy safeguards your corporate information from unwanted scrutiny.

Tax Haven

The relatively low taxes in Curacao allow your business to operate with financial freedom and room for growth.


Curacao offers a secure political and economic environment, providing peace of mind amidst turbulent global markets.

Global Reach

Curacao provides access to international markets, facilitating harmonious and scalable business development.

Caribbean Charm

The island’s favorable climate and culture turn business travel into a genuine pleasure.

Legal Protection

Curacao boasts a comprehensive and stable legal system that vigilantly protects your interests.

Efficient Registration

The simple and swift company incorporation process ensures your business can commence operations without unnecessary delay.

Operational Flexibility

The jurisdiction has minimal company structure and capital requirements, allowing for easy adaptation to current challenges and strategies.

Innovation Support

The island’s government offers support for pioneering technology projects.

International Business Community

Curacao has an internationally oriented banking and corporate community that seamlessly supports your business operations.
With Curacao, businesses don’t merely survive, they thrive setting sail towards success on a sea of global opportunity.
Corporate Information Overview

Curacao stands as a stronghold of stability, boasting a meticulously constructed and resilient legal system rooted in Dutch civil law.

The jurisdiction’s corporate law, fashioned in line with the highest international business standards, is designed to grant companies optimal legal flexibility and protection. Curacao offers a diverse array of corporate forms, ranging from NV (comparable to a joint stock company) to BV (akin to a limited liability company), enabling you to select the structure that best suits your business strategy and scale.
In Curacao, privacy is not merely a promise — it is a foundational principle. Within this sun-kissed jurisdiction, your corporate secrets are guarded as invaluable assets. Information regarding directors and shareholders is maintained in strict confidence, securely stored on the island, and shielded from unwelcome scrutiny. Curacao’s legislation is both dynamic and adaptable, actively evolving to meet shifting global standards. It is continually updated to ensure the jurisdiction remains a compelling destination for international investors and entrepreneurs seeking a modern and dependable financial haven for their ventures. In Curacao, your business is more than just anchored — it charts a path toward prosperous horizons.

Company types

Begin a fresh chapter in your success story with Lawtter Solutions, your dependable partner for Curacao offshore company. Select the business structure that suits you best and lay the foundation for your bright future today. Operating a company in Curacao allows you to leverage the advantages of offshore status. Here are your exceptional opportunities:

Private Limited Liability Company (NABV/BV)

  • An excellent option for small and medium-sized business ventures.
  • Safeguard your personal assets without having to pledge them.

Public Company (NV)

  • Seize the opportunity to become a global player and attract investment.
  • Expand your business and access public capital.

Limited Liability Partnership of All Partners

  • Achieve mutual benefits by joining forces with partners and minimizing risks. Registering a legal entity in Curacao is a solid step toward stability and global expansion for your business.

Exempted Partnership with Limited Liability of All Partners

  • Establish a firm where every member is valued and makes a meaningful contribution.


Must be a citizen of Curacao, at least 18 years old, and not appear on sanctions lists.


Can be any adult citizen not associated with sanctioned countries.

Authorized Capital

There are no stringent requirements for authorized capital—begin your business with comfortable start-up capital.


Your business will be officially registered at an address in Curacao, under a protective legal framework.


Your company’s distinctive name will resonate prominently.

Local Account

There is no mandate to open a local account—manage your finances according to your needs.

Registration Agent

As your local registration agent, we will guide you through each step of incorporation, minimizing your effort.


All companies partnered with us are consistently informed about filing requirements and procedures.
With Lawtter Solutions, registering your company in Curacao will represent not just a step, but a significant leap towards a prosperous future.

Taxation in Curacao

In Curacao, income tax stands at a mere 2% under the terms of certain agreements, and it never exceeds 22% under any circumstances. In comparison to most parts of the world, these rates are extraordinarily low. With Lawtter Solutions, your company can fully harness this advantageous tax environment.
As for VAT in Curacao? It is substantially lower than what you may be accustomed to, ranging only from 6 to 9%. Despite this, the level of legal protection and the quality of the business infrastructure in Curacao remains exceptionally high. Opting to register an offshore company in Curacao is a strategic move toward tax optimization and asset protection. Lawtter Solutions stands ready to guide you through the intricacies of local legislation and tax incentives.
And what about dividends? Prepare yourself for a delightful revelation: Curacao imposes no tax on dividends — 0%! This means that your company’s profits remain entirely in your hands, available for you to invest as you see fit.
Establishing a trading business in Curacao provides you with access to global markets while significantly minimizing your tax burden. At Lawtter Solutions, we understand that your finances are synonymous with your freedom. We invite you to become a part of the remarkable business landscape of Curacao, characterized by low taxes, transparent legislation, and first-rate service.

Financial Reporting to Curacao

The territorial principle of taxation stands as a key advantage for a company in Curacao. Consider this: it means that your company is taxed only on the profits generated directly within Curacao. Efficient, isn’t it?
Amidst this vibrant spectrum of business opportunities, Lawtter Solutions serves as your reliable guide. We understand the significance of having accurately prepared and punctually filed reports. With our assistance, you can maintain peace of mind; the reporting period in Curacao aligns with the calendar year, making it effortless to plan your work accordingly. As for deadlines? They are meticulously organized — the report must be filed by June 30 of the year following the reporting year. The accounting procedure in Curacao is transparent and designed to be unobtrusive for businesses.
We are committed to liberating you from the painstaking process of document preparation, affording you more time to concentrate on the growth and development of your business. With Lawtter Solutions, your documents will be impeccably organized, as will your peace of mind. After all, we recognize that the foundation of a successful business is confidence in the future.

Curacao company formation

Obtaining offshore status in Curacao is a streamlined and expedient process that yields many long-term benefits. Here is an overview of the procedure for Curacao company formation:

Due Diligence and KYC Verification

We will gather all the essential information and documents related to your company's planned activities and structure. Each participant will be meticulously checked and verified to ensure that your business operations are 100% secure.

Name Verification

We will assess the uniqueness and availability of your chosen company name within the Registry of Companies of Curacao. Our priority is to ensure that your brand name remains distinct and exclusive, free from duplication or confusion.

Preparation of Registration Forms

We will assemble all necessary registration forms and collect the required documents for submission to the Registrar of Companies.

Document Submission

The prepared documents will be submitted to the Registry for further processing and entry of your company data.

Preparation of Corporate Incorporation Documents

Every detail is accounted for — each comma is in its place, and every clause is legally impeccable.

Assistance for Individual Participants: If the director, shareholder, and beneficial owner of the company are individuals, we will assist you in submitting all required documents accurately and punctually. This includes copies of passports and proofs of residence addresses, all in strict compliance with the necessary formalities.

Your comfort is our foremost priority. With Lawtter Solutions, there will be no unexpected surprises in the form of rejected documents. We will ensure that all documents align with Curacao’s standards, including utility bills and bank statements that confirm your residential address. In Curacao, a Certificate of Incorporation is more than just a document—it is a testament to the high status and reliability of your company.

Ready-made companies

Buy Curacao company

A prized offering in the Lawtter Solutions portfolio is the opportunity to buy Curacao company. We provide only legally sound and rigorously verified companies — without any hidden surprises — poised for intensive and prosperous operations.
With Lawtter Solutions, you receive far more than just “keys to the office”; you gain access to a comprehensive suite of services:

Unwavering Legal Integrity and Complete Confidentiality

Our services are offered within the secure framework of the offshore business zone.

A Complete Set of Corporate Documents, Ready for Use

We prepare all necessary papers, allowing you to hit the ground running.

Swift and Unhindered Bank Account Opening

Our process is streamlined to avoid unnecessary delays and obstacles.

Professional Support at Every Stage of the Process

From the transfer of ownership rights to the tailoring of the business to meet your unique needs, we are with you every step of the way.
Don’t squander valuable time on lengthy and stressful preparations. With Lawtter Solutions, your ambitions will be firmly grounded in the form of a ready-to-operate company in Curacao. This is your express route to global business — a path meticulously crafted for precision and legal certainty.
Leave hesitation and delays in the past. With Lawtter Solutions, the Curacao business registry commences swiftly and with a dependable partner. Begin a new, promising chapter of your life today. With Lawtter Solutions, your future is securely in capable hands.