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Registering a company in Belize opens the door to the realm of international business, where boundaries fade and opportunities multiply in geometric progression. This step could mark the beginning of your journey toward financial independence and a thriving business on the global stage. Collaborating with Lawtter Solutions ensures a professional and reliable approach to handling all necessary documentation, allowing you to focus on the strategic development of your business.
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* The fees serve as informative indicators. Kindly reach out to the attorneys at Lawtter Solutions to ascertain the services encompassed within the registration fee.

Belize is renowned for its flexible and appealing laws for international business.

Belize offshore company offers a low taxation environment, minimal bureaucratic hurdles, and a high level of confidentialit

Belize Offshore Registration: Why is Registering Beneficial?

International business in Belize offers significant advantages:

Optimal Taxation

Belize offers comfortable conditions for international companies, allowing for the minimization of tax liabilities through the Belize company register.


The legislation of the country guarantees the anonymity of the company’s owners and directors on the Belize company register, ensuring commercial secrecy.

Quick Registration Process

You won’t have to wait for months for all the documentation to be processed — the procedure via the Belize company register is fine-tuned and takes minimal time.

Absence of Strict Corporate Requirements

There is no need for charter capital, and it’s possible to have a single shareholder and director in the company, making the Belize company register a flexible choice.

Business Structure Flexibility

The opportunity to choose the optimal structure for your company considering the specifics of your business through the Belize company register.

Stable Economic and Political Climate

Belize is a country with stable economic growth and a predictable business environment.

Ease of Management

There is no requirement to hold annual general shareholder meetings or to provide an annual report.

Multilingual Support

Although the official language of Belize is English, the country is welcoming to representatives from various nations, allowing you to conduct business in a language comfortable for you.

Access to International Markets

Registering a company in Belize opens doors to the global economy, providing access to new markets and clients.

Professional Infrastructure

Belize boasts a developed network of legal, banking, and consulting services, which provide support for your business at every stage of its development.

Belize Company Register: Overview of Corporate Information

Under the aegis of stable legislation, the corporate landscape of Belize unveils a realm of opportunities for investors looking to register a company in Belize. The flexibility of corporate structure, minimal bureaucratic hurdles, and friendly tax conditions create an ideal canvas for the formation and cultivation of corporate relationships. Operational transparency and international recognition of business practices open the doors to the global market, providing a solid foundation for international collaborations when you register a company in Belize. Belize offers a unique blend of traditions and modern corporate solutions, nurturing a favorable ground for a variety of business initiatives.

International Business Company (IBC)

Unlock the horizons of international business with minimal tax liabilities. Guaranteed confidentiality and legal protection of your business on a global scale.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Provides an excellent solution for asset protection and risk minimization, especially when you register a company in Belize. Its flexible management structure allows for effective responsiveness to changes in the business environment.

Public Investment Company

Attract investments openly and efficiently, particularly when you register a company in Belize. Accessibility to international financial markets broadens the horizons of your capital.


Collaboration leads to the attainment of common goals faster and more efficiently. The simplicity of formation and management, especially when starting a business in Belize, makes this format ideal for a quick start and adaptation to market conditions.


In Belize, there are no residency requirements for directors, except for individuals on sanctioned lists. The minimum age for a director is 18 years, and only one director is needed to commence operations.


Your shareholders can be citizens of any country, barring those on sanctioned lists. The minimum age for a shareholder is 18 years. Openness to international collaboration expands the horizons of opportunities.


Register your company at an address in Belize, showcasing your presence on the global stage.


A unique company name serves as a business card in the corporate world. For IBC, opt for name endings like Limited, Corporation, Incorporated, or their abbreviations: Ltd., Corp., Inc. LLC, and LP are ideally suited for limited liability companies and partnerships.

Charter Capital

Belize does not set requirements for charter capital payment, granting you complete financial flexibility in managing the company’s assets.

Local Account

The absence of requirements to open a local bank account allows you to choose the most advantageous financial solutions.

Registration Agent

Belizean legislation necessitates the presence of a registration agent. Lawtter Solutions will professionally fulfill this requirement, ensuring a smooth registration process.


Your reports will always be submitted on time, thanks to the expertise and support of Lawtter Solutions in compliance with Belizean legislation.
At Lawtter Solutions, every client matters to us. Our specialists are dedicated to providing expert assistance throughout all stages of the registration process, especially when you're looking to register a company in Belize.

Taxation in Belize

Belize emerges as an attractive destination owing to its moderate tax policy, which becomes especially beneficial with the professional support of Lawtter Solutions.
The foundation of taxation in Belize is based on a global principle, whereby taxes are levied on the worldwide income of companies. This establishes a solid groundwork for transparent and predictable business planning. However, Belize’s unique legislative norms allow for tax exemption on entrepreneurial activities related to passive income for those companies that successfully demonstrate their tax residency status in other countries, while remaining off the EU’s blacklist and not maintaining a permanent establishment in Belize. The opportunity to register a company in Belize under the LLC structure unveils additional preferences, requiring no business tax payment in the absence of operations within the country.
As for the business turnover tax, its rate in Belize varies from 0.75% to 19%, depending on the type of income, providing ample room for tax optimization. In addition to this, the standard VAT rate is 12.5%, and the dividend tax is 15%. These figures represent a stable tax backdrop upon which long-term financial strategies can be built. Therefore, to capitalize on these favorable tax conditions, many businesses look to register a company in Belize, setting a firm foundation for both local and international operations while enjoying a supportive tax regime.

Reporting Requirements in Belize

Reporting is a critical element of operating a prosperous business, and Belize offers a flexible yet robust legislative framework in this regard through its Belize company register. Embark on a path of transparency and precision in financial accounting with the adept assistance of Lawtter Solutions.
In Belize, tax returns, alongside accounting statements, and when relevant, an audit report, must be submitted by March 31 of the year following the reporting period through the Belize company register. This timeline affords sufficient opportunity to meticulously prepare all requisite documentation and ensure alignment with prevailing standards and legal mandates.
For IBC companies in Belize, there’s a notable concession concerning audits: should annual revenues remain below $6,000,000, auditing the financial statements is not mandated. This leniency grants small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) agility in managing their financial dynamics, enabling them to concentrate on core operations without the encumbrance of additional bureaucratic tasks. However, upon reaching a specific revenue threshold and fulfilling two of the four delineated criteria, an audit becomes obligatory. Such criteria may encompass trading shares on an exchange, undergoing reorganization or liquidation, being overseen by the International Financial Services Commission, or the generation of consolidated financial statements.

Company registration procedure in Belize

Supporting the registration process is the primary responsibility of our attorneys. Here are the five essential steps:

Flawless Due Diligence and a Confident Start

With Lawtter Solutions, your company embarks on its journey with complete assurance. We conduct thorough due diligence and KYC (Know Your Customer) verification with the company's members, collecting all necessary information and documents pertaining to the planned activities and structure. From the outset, we prioritize your safety and legitimacy.

A Unique Name for a Unique Business

Lawtter Solutions will verify the uniqueness and availability of your chosen company name with the Registrar of Companies. We ensure that your brand will be distinctly yours and will not encounter legal challenges down the road.

Registration Assistance

Preparing registration forms and collecting the necessary documents won't be your concern. We handle this for you at the highest level, ensuring a seamless filing process with the Registrar of Companies.

Efficient Filing for a Quick Start

With Lawtter Solutions, submitting your prepared documents to the Registry proceeds smoothly. We accompany you every step of the way, ensuring that your company details are entered in strict compliance with all requirements.

Articles of Association Tailored to Your Ambitions

After incorporation, Lawtter Solutions will draft corporate bylaws that encapsulate all aspects of your business. We recognize the significance of details and furnish you with legally impeccable documents, enabling your company to launch successfully and operate with confidence.

Below is the complete set of documents required when the director, shareholder, and beneficial owner is an individual:

  • Identity Document: a copy of a foreign or national passport will suffice — we will maintain the utmost confidentiality of your information from day one.
  • Verification of Identity: this could be a copy of a national passport or a driver’s license. We understand that the security of your business commences with reliable identification, and Lawtter Solutions ensures that this process is executed flawlessly.
  • Address Confirmation: verify your residential address with a utility bill no older than three months, or a bank statement. We guarantee that this data will be used exclusively for the required paperwork.
Ready-made companies

Buy Belize company

As a leading provider in the legal services industry, Lawtter Solutions offers an ideal solution for those looking to register a company in Belize quickly: ready-made companies in Belize. These companies are fully registered and poised for a new owner to embark on a successful business journey.
Before you assume ownership of a company, we ensure that you receive a thorough and transparent overview of its history. We provide all necessary information about the previous management and requirements associated with the chosen business structure. A majority of our ready-made companies in Belize are in the form of International Business Companies (IBCs), which many investors find to be the most advantageous option when they register a company in Belize. We recognize the importance of secure financial transactions, and as such, a critical step we facilitate is the transfer of the bank account, making you the sole authorized signatory of the corporate account.
Opting for a ready-made business in Belize is your fast track to launching a business in a secure and efficient manner. This eliminates the need to wait months to register a company in Belize through bureaucratic processes, allowing your business to become operational almost immediately.